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I Dye My Hair: So What?

by Carol Townend 5 days ago in hair

Not Everyone Wants To Be Grey Or White When They Grow Old!

I Dye My Hair: So What?
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I like to dye my hair. I don't do it every week, but every few months. Sometimes I will be a fiery red or cyber purple, other times I go blonde or brown. I try to use a friendly dye like SchwartzKopft on my hair, and I always use a strengthening and rehydrating shampoo too. Yes, it is true that dying your hair too much can damage it. However, if you look after it and don't dye it all the time, it can make a difference to the way you look and feel about yourself. Sticking with the same style can be boring, especially for someone who still likes plenty of colour in ones life.

I only started dying my hair in my mid-thirties. The reason being that my hair started losing its colour at an early age due to illness. I have a very young face, even now I am in my 40's; white or grey in my hair does not suit me and looks unnatural on me.

People seem to go by an old myth which is that when people get older, they want to die looking old.

This might be true for some of us, but it certainly isn't true for me.

I still have a very young personality, and I don't age well. I don't have anything against people who look older, but I do like to make the most of my youth while I still have it, and, besides I love playing with colour on my hair.

People often tell me that the older and more mature I get; then my style should change with it. Well, this is what I say to that:

"To hell with feeling older, after all, age is but a number. I'd rather live while I'm alive than grow old regretting who I am. Who says that older people can't have fun anyway!"

There are times when I will drop my usual colours and go for a mix and match. I have been Cyber purple and bright pink at the same time. I love the vibrant effect that a mix and match can give my hair, and I love playing with funky colours and pastel shades.

I feel that it is important to nourish my hair, particularly after dying it. I find the conditioners that come with my hair colours a bit stingy, so I opt for a Herbal Essences Hair Mask, with a Banana fragrance being at the top of my list.

I am still a youth at heart. Yes, I'm 45 by age, but still in my 20's at heart. I don't wear clothing designed for the older generation either! I guess I am lucky that I can still wear all my clothes from my 20's, and shop for trendy styles aimed at young people. When I shop for trousers and jeans, which by the way, are my worst nightmare because I'm only about 4ft tall and most adult jeans I find are aimed at tall people; I shop in the teen's area, and it is the same with all my other clothes because clothes for older people do not look good on me.

In today's world, more people are ageing gracefully. By this, I do not mean looking old for the rest of their lives. Many people are getting into their late 50's and early 60's without looking any older, and who says you have to?

Our skin and bones might age, and we might lose strength as we age. However, life goes on. I believe in living life to its fullest. You might not be alive tomorrow to dye your hair or change your style, even if you are only in your 20's. Live now, use what you like using, and feel completely comfortable with yourself in the present. Life is not black and white, and it is too short to live by old society rules and traditions.

In my opinion, it is a myth that as you get older, you are not allowed to dye your hair. Yes, there are some people who have problems with very fine or brittle hair, and others with scalp problems or severe allergies to products. However, life was made for living, so we need to drop these old-wives tales and live life to the full!

Our hair was given to us so that we could be stylish. Therefore, we should just do that. It doesn't matter what society thinks. As the saying goes:

If you've got it, you should flaunt it!

So, if you have no problems. No matter your age, go ahead dye your hair that funky colour; and if you can't do it yourself, treat yourself to a professional hair salon!

There is nothing wrong with looking good in this world. You're doing it for you, and that is what counts!

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Carol Townend

A writer with a higher distinction, CPD in creative writing who loves all forms of writing, and well just writing!

I am also a wife, carer and a human living on a planet where the computer has taken over the pen!

I love Coffee!

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