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Bad boy wants me

episode 1

By AdamPublished 15 days ago 5 min read
Bad boy wants me
Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

The kind police man placed a blanket over my shivering body,I watched as our house burned to the ground.

Mom and dad tried to comfort me but it was of no use,my pictures,my files everything gone in the blink of an eye and we were rendered homeless.

Dad went ahead to make some phone calls,trying to get us a roof over our heads for the night.

My thoughts were filled with how irresponsible I was,I was texting and cooking and I didn't notice when a napkin got close to the fire and that was how it started,I had burn marks on my back and my hands which means no sleeveless tops for me anymore,it was all my fault that everything we worked hard for was gone.

"Hey Pumpkin." Dad cooed holding me.

"I'm so sorry Dad." I apologized ,he smiled touching my cheeks.

"Don't be sorry dear,it's not your fault at all,it was an accident." I didn't have the courage to tell him the truth that I was cooking,I lied because dad would be furious at me.

I nodded at his response as he held me tighter.

We were able to salvage dad's car so we all got in.

"The house was insured but it'll take a while for them to cover it." Mom announced as I sniffled.

"Are we going to a hotel or something?." I asked .

"It'll take a while,we can't keep leaving in a hotel and the money I would use to rent an apartment has to go to getting you two new clothes and other things." Dad said ,I could barely keep it in anymore,I wanted to tell him the truth so badly.

"I have an old friend,he kindly offered to let us stay for a while,he's married with two kids but they gave alot of spare room and one of his kids is in college."

I sighed ,usually I wouldn't wanna live with anyone but right now we had no choice.

"And his other child?."

"You should know him,you two go to the same highschool anyways."

"Really?." I asked surprised,hoping it was someone I really knew.

"Yeah you should,his dad's name is Emerton." He announced and I froze.

"I'm gonna live with Dylan Emerton." I mutter slowly as he smiled.


"Oh no."I muttered weakly.

"Please not Dylan,I can't face him again." I thought as dad started the engine. I prayed to all the angels in heaven,even if I had committed the biggest sin I prayed that Dylan wouldn't remember me,it's been two years so I only hopes he forgot me unlike me because every night I remember him just like it was yesterday.


Dad's car came to a halt at a huge mansion,we all got out ,in times like this I was thankful that I was an only child because I can't imagine what would become of us if mom and dad had more children.

Dad dailed a number and seconds later,the gate was opened automatically for dad to drive in.

Before the accident I caused,we were freakishly rich so seeing all this did not really phase me.

Dad parked his car at the garage,I stepped out slowly with the two things I could grab before rubbing ,my phone which was the cause alongside my participation and I also grabbed my hoodie,I couldn't live without it,it reminded me so much of him.

Seconds later,the door clicked open and a middle aged man who was a replica of Dylan walked out,behind him was a beautiful woman who looked 19 but I bet she was Dylan's mother.

"Emerton." Dad called out fondly as they shook hands.

Mom and Dylan's mother also embraced softly.

"Am sorry it has to be like this but you three are welcome to stay for as long as you like." His mom announced.

Mom nudged my elbow as a sign for me to speak up.

"Am Camila,it's nice meeting you Sir, ma'am." I greeted with a smile admist everything that happened tonight.

"Nonsense call me Hope and you can call me Emerton." They said as I smiled.

"You all must be tired,we should get inside,you need rest." Hope announced as I cluctched my things walking into the house.

So far so good,I hadn't seen any sign of Dylan maybe my prayers were answered after all.

"We're gonna talk to your dad Camila,you can take any room after the first one upstairs,that one belongs to Dylan." Emerton said,I nodded slowly walking up the stairs.

I walked past the first room,almost tempted to take a peak,Almost.

I decided to stay as far away from him as possible so I picked the one at the end of the hall.

The room was huge with a cute bed in the middle, I didn't have time to admire the decor,I took off my clothes carefully dropping my phone on the table and went straight into the shower.

I didn't know how long I took in the shower because I really needed it ,when I stepped out,I tied the towel I found loosely on my body.

My hands were on my hair but they froze at the sight in front of me.

"Hey Preety." I heard that voice that haunted my dreams. I gulped as he stood up.

"Dylan." I muttered softly.

"You just be the girl my parents are talking about." He replied with a scoff.

"Why do you look farmilar?." He asked ,I gulped again trying to think of a good lie.

Then,I forgot I just got out of the shower,I let my hands loose and my towel slipped off my body right in front of me.......

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  • Alex H Mittelman 15 days ago

    Good job! Good work! Good good!

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