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10 Best Makeup Tips for Heart-Shaped Faces (Plus, Tutorials)

by Kelsey Lange 3 years ago in tutorial

Everyone's face is different, but based on your face shape, there are specific tips to follow next time you sit down at your vanity. To create a flawless face, include these makeup tips for heart-shaped faces into your makeup routine.

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Following specific makeup tips for your face shape will transform your finished makeup look each day. Mainly focusing on contour and highlight, these makeup tips for heart-shaped faces are sure to perfect your face shape.

We have come up with ten ways to accentuate your best features, from your eyes to your jawline. In order to create a harmonious makeup look, these are the best tips to follow on a daily basis to achieve the look meant specifically for your shape. Next thing you know, your makeup routine will take a 180 for the better.

For starters, let's first make sure that you actually do have a heart-shaped face. It can be hard to decipher the difference between an oval face or round face and a heart-shaped face. Or even a square-shaped face! So before we get into the best makeup tips for heart-shaped faces, let's just be sure you're in the right place. If not, it may be better to follow the best makeup tips for round faces instead.

A heart-shaped face's widest point is just above the ears, at the sides of the forehead. Countering this, the smallest point of the face is the chin, as the face tapers into a point, mimicking the end of a heart.

You should focus your contour on the forehead.

To start off our best makeup tips for heart-shaped faces, contour is your friend. In order to make your face shape appear less harsh, you want to focus your contour at the widest part of your face.

This will create a smaller looking forehead, which will better match the narrow chin shape. Unlike an oval or round-shaped face, you will bring the contour down on the forehead. Just be sure to blend the contour all the way out, and avoid filling the entire forehead with your contour shade. You should also avoid using bronzy shades for your contour, and rather use an ashy tone, which will look more natural.

Also contour just under the cheekbones.

Using the same contour shade, with a smaller and more defined contour brush, bring the contour just under the cheekbones. You don't want to create a harsh line, and rather follow the natural shape of your cheekbones—investing in one of the best sets of contour brushes can help with this.

Contouring under the cheekbones is mostly done to create a harmonious look, and continue the color throughout the face. The main contour will appear on the forehead, because this is the problem area for heart-shaped faces.

Like contouring for any face shape, slimming the face is also easily achieved for heart-shaped faces. As one of the simplest makeup tips for heart-shaped faces, add a bit of contour under your chin and on either side of your nose.

Much like the cheekbone contour is used to create a more harmonious look, these three stripes will do the same. Just add a little bit of contour at the bottom of the chin, because we don't want it to appear more narrow than it already is. The stripes on the nose will create a slimmer looking nose, and a slimmer looking face overall.

Add highlight under the eyes, down the center of the nose, the center of the forehead, and about halfway along the jawline.

Now, it's time for highlight. You can either apply your contour first or highlight first, but we're going to blend it all out during the same stage, so the choice is up to you. To highlight, we're only going to touch a few places. First, using a concealer a few shades lighter than your foundation, start with a line down the center of the nose, and two stripes under the eyes.

This will bring out the light under the eyes and cover any dark circles. The concealer down the nose will make the nose appear smaller and only highlight the bridge. Next, add a small crescent moon shape to the center of the forehead. Be sure you don't blend this out too far, to avoid mixing with your contour.

And finally, add two stripes of concealer halfway along the jawline. This will create a wider looking jaw, to match the shape of the forehead. It will also make your cheeks appear more full.

Be careful with highlighting too wide on the cheeks.

Our final tip for highlighting is crucial to avoiding wide-looking cheeks. Because we're creating a slimmer looking forehead, we need to continue this new shape down the face.

At the cheeks, this means avoiding highlight spreading too wide on the cheeks. As one of the most important makeup tips for heart-shaped faces, add a highlighter to just the tops of the cheeks. This way, you will be able to obtain a healthy looking glow, without adding too much product.

For blush, we suggest following the two finger rule, as referred to in this video with Kat Von D. In the video, Kat is joined by her friend and makeup artist, Erik Soto, Erik is a Sephora PRO who has worked with Kat many times. He shares his secret for applying blush on a heart-shaped face.

To avoid a clown face, he suggests taking two fingers, the pointer and the middle finger, and placing them on the apple of the cheek. If you place the blush past the fingers, you will avoid applying the blush too far in, which will bring the face down. The blush will land a little bit on the apples, and then further up the cheek, mirroring the contour. We recommend using a good long lasting blush to avoid fading throughout the day.

Blend, blend, blend.

This tip goes for all face shapes and sizes, but with as much contour as we've used on the forehead, it's a crucial step. Blending is your best friend when it comes to makeup. For really any step in your makeup routine, blend, and then blend some more. If you're trying out a new contour and highlight routine, be sure to blend even more than normal to be sure you avoid muddiness.

Make your eyes pop.

Now that we have created a smaller looking forehead that flows into the elongated chin, your main feature can now be the eyes.

As one of the least talked about makeup tips for heart-shaped faces, don't be afraid to amp up the volume on the eyes. Trying a more vibrant look with eyeshadow is always a great way to emphasize your eye shape and color. Creating a beautiful eye look with a pop of color will pull the rest of the face together.

Speaking of pulling the rest of the face together, we have come to the last tip among our makeup tips for heart-shaped faces. Some might do this step first, but we find it easier to conclude the face by perfecting the brows. For heart-shaped faces, rounded brows are the best shape for you.

This is a tutorial by Roxette Arisa who has a very cute heart-shaped face. Teaching her viewers her own brow technique, she goes through each step to perfecting her rounded brows. Most people believe that they should achieve an arched brow, but this doesn't fit most face shapes. Instead, going with the natural shape of your brow will accentuate your shape and bring out your best features.

Kelsey Lange
Kelsey Lange
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