Whatcha See is What you get:

American Capitalism with a Sales Pitch

Dramtics Performing "Whatcha See is Whatcha get" 1972 on Soul Train

“Whatcha see is whatcha get” is something that my uncle said, “While I was a young adolescent playing the PlayStation on the living room floor!” For a long while, I wanted to know exactly what he was talking about! I mean at the time I was studying why people do what they do. I was looking at why girls would pick on me and all I wanted to do was play games. Now before I flash-forward, a little bit of background, I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a black aka native American, west-indies, white (German and French), and black! My family has valued entrepreneurship, government, and service to our country as tenants as principals. This is very important because now I am an aspiring Entrepreneur, Father, Investor, Dancer, and Artist.

It was not until March of last year when I found out about the song itself!

The song was made by The Dramatics in 1971. Now in the world in business you have to read people, people will use different tactics and form alliances to accomplish various goals. However in the game Max Payne 3, he said this, “Say what you want about Americans, but we understand Capitalism, you buy yourself a product and you get what you pay for.” However, I have realized that that line is much deeper because everything has a price and tool. Whether that be psychical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. Especially in America, in entrepreneurship and business, when forming friendships and alliances is the most important thing in life as well. However, everything is set up for the first line you can listen to the song up above.

Some people are made of plastic

And you know some people are made of wood

Some people have hearts of stone

Some people are up to no good

We all know not only capitalism but a society that capitalism provides that the pursuit of profit. Society and people are going to have all different kinds of trauma. Also from this trauma which creates perceptions and strategies. Which gives the plastic, wooden, having a heart of stone, and no good people. This is very poetic almost Walt Disney had drawn and made the metaphor for himself. However, this is the truth of the conditions in the 1960s and now! I have found myself having all of these flaws and using all of these personas over my short lifetime. However, here is the most human part of the song. As many people say being yourself is easy just do it! However, in our society and culture to this present day with social media makes it harder and harder for us to be ourselves.

But baby I'm for real

I'm as real as real can get

If what you're looking for is real loving

Then what you see is what you get


What you see (what you see) is what you get (is what you get)

What you see (what you see) is what you get (is what you get)

I said what you see (what you see) is what you get now baby (is what you get)

And the real thing is the best thing yet (the best thing yet)

Authenticity, and you being you in a sales pitch as saying to a woman your interested in the context of this song. Saying that in the real world that with my flaws and all with my vulnerabilities that I am the best thing yet. Because I am me I have nothing to hide, because what you see is what you get. This element is not the part that changed me but the part I had to grow up and accept the most. What makes a person the most attractive is what makes them vulnerable and have the most pain. Even though it is not being said you can most definitely say that it is implied. Also, it is easy to wear a mask but can you take it off and make genuine connections. Simple, easy but hard to do it is a different kind of confidence and skill together.

But also here is another important part of the whole song. That is greatly important especially in life and in the world. When the lyric states this:

You know some people are made of lies

To bring you down

And shame your name

This is a true part no matter how good, how bad, or the beliefs you fill yourself whether they are true or false. You can be made of lies or telling people lies. This all bring shame to your name not only the people who are made of plastic, made of wood, or the person have a heart of stone, or up to no good. When the seven deadly sins are concerned it is pretty clear that even when you make mistakes things can be taken. Which all means the more eyes are watching and are envious to take your place or to steal what you have. This all means and goes to show hold everything close or at least keep a close eye on everything. There are sharks, snakes, demons, and devils who do not want you to succeed. That not only goes for you but for me as well.

'Cause breaking hearts just ain't my game

All I want to do is love you

And sugar I won't pin you with regret

If what you're looking for is real loving

Then what you see is what you get (I have to say it again)

What you see (what you see) is what you get (is what you get, look at me)

What you see (what you see) is what you get (is what you get)

I mean what you see (what you see) is what you get now baby (is what you get)

And the real thing is the best thing yet (the best thing yet)

Now, this is the dangerous part that this song provides a fallacy that most people will not know. This romantic gesture or sales pitch about ever and lasting love of understanding. It is impossible to accept and love all of one person since humans are multifaceted and complex with psyche and mind. Rather than saying I will be honest, vulnerable to you with my pain and I will share yours as well. This is saying I love everything about you and accept it, that is not really the true cause. You see that is the lie and the fallacy that is provided within it. However, it is a sincere touch just like a money-back guarantee.

This is the song breakdown now I will get into what were the takeaways of the song that changed me was, in turn, the sales pitch of selling yourself. I have to sell myself every day and if you are not closing your not making any money. (Grant Cardone) Also the message of authenticity within the song of being yourself. However, you then factor in society especially in America we can either be period-specific or modern. That makes this song really revealing considering the 1960s were mainly about love and getting down. Rather than a concealed sales pitch about why you are the best candidate for the woman’s love, and why you are so different from the other archetypes brings be back around to what capitalism is all about! I have something that is a better price and quality on the free market that some people do not have! You probably hurt because you been with a few dudes who were made of plastic, stone, or just no good baby! They probably said some really bad things about you and dragged your name through the mud but guess what! I am a genuine article baby! No heartbreak, no looking back at your past! Because what you see is what you get!

You always have to make a sale that is what this song reminds me!

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