Jordan Shelton

Hello, my name is Jordan Shelton.

I am a Baltimore native, who is conservative, and more of a truth seeker. I love cars, anime, music, the absolute non biased truth.

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  • Jordan Shelton
    Published 3 months ago
    Whatcha See is What you get:

    Whatcha See is What you get:

    “Whatcha see is whatcha get” is something that my uncle said, “While I was a young adolescent playing the PlayStation on the living room floor!” For a long while, I wanted to know exactly what he was talking about! I mean at the time I was studying why people do what they do. I was looking at why girls would pick on me and all I wanted to do was play games. Now before I flash-forward, a little bit of background, I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a black aka native American, west-indies, white (German and French), and black! My family has valued entrepreneurship, government, and service to our country as tenants as principals. This is very important because now I am an aspiring Entrepreneur, Father, Investor, Dancer, and Artist.