What Happened to the Old Legends?

by Audrey Madden 10 months ago in celebrities

Why don't celebrities follow in the footsteps of former legends to get their aim for fame?

What Happened to the Old Legends?

Whether it was in the past or in the present, there wasn't any celebrity who people claimed were "perfect." Actually, there probably were people who did say that but had little to no knowledge of that person. I realize talking about this topic is sort of controversial but it all comes straight from my opinion. What I really noticed from this topic is that the old singers put passion into their music, not so people could relate, or so they could get big money, but so they could make themselves happy and sing their heart out. Now, don't get me wrong, there are singers who do put passion into their music, but I have seen more singers that you can just tell put very little effort in their music and didn't write it themselves. A good majority of the popular songs today that I hear have no creativity or anything, shouting out at you to love the song—while all I hear is a decent tune with an auto-tuned voice.

What I mainly noticed when writing this article is that people called the old singer "LEGENDS," while today people are calling celebrities a "queen," or "iconic." For the whole "queen" dilemma, I just want to say you shouldn't worship these celebrities, because they don't do anything that deserves to be worshiped. All they do is sing, and I don't think that's a good reason to be worshiped, especially when the music isn't life-changing. For the whole "iconic" thing, at first it was really cool to be called iconic, but then the word just got thrown around and became meaningless. Now you could call Queen Elizabeth iconic and it would be equal to calling a piece of crap iconic.

It's pretty sad to think about, because back then the people didn't worship celebrities or idolize them. Yes, they admired the celebrities, but it was in a more respectful, classy way. Now, today people worship celebrities as if they are the leaders of the world, and the celebrities could care less about their fans. What I find sick about this is that they once were probably very passionate about their music and they were probably grateful for their fans, but now that they have a taste of the money and fame, they could care less.

Celebrities used to try to make interesting songs with interesting lyrics to make a statement. Present-day celebrities make weird songs just for the publicity and money. Celebrities used to write beautiful songs for their fans to recognize them and show how grateful they were, while present-day celebrities toss out a thank you to fans as if they were at the dinner table and someone handed them the salt shaker.

I am aware that the older celebrities still had problems, and I know didn't have the best conscience, drank heavily, and smoked a lot, but back then everybody did. Everybody thought it was okay to do those things, and unfortunately a good majority died from it. Once they discovered the problems with these bad things, it just went to show that it wasn't okay to drink and smoke. Now, guess what our present celebrities are doing?DRINKING AND SMOKING AND DRUGS AND ALL THAT CRAP. And now that fans are worshiping these celebrities, guess what the fans are doing? DRINKING AND SMOKING AND DRUGS AND ALL THAT CRAP. The role present-day celebrities have is a big one so they should be wise about their decisions. Unfortunately I'm hearing these vulgar songs about getting high on drugs and drinking a lot of alcohol and their fans are into it and celebrities get money for singing about getting high and drunk. What I noticed from this is that if you see a homeless bum drinking and doing drugs you judge him and throw pity at him, but if you see your favorite celebrity doing that, it becomes cool. People are aware that smoking and heavy drinking are bad for you so why are people putting on this fake mask thinking it's okay?

Overall, in my opinion, I think that the older celebrities were superior to the present day celebrities because they didn't care about the money and they put more passion into their music.

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