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What are some of the key advantages of mobile marketing

This article highlights some of the most essential advantages of mobile marketing to throw light on its growing popularity

By Delimp TechnologyPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

With over 6.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, it's clear to see why many firms consider mobile marketing to be an essential component of their overall marketing plans. The days of large companies like Google and Subway dominating mobile marketing are long gone. SMBs have now joined the mobile marketing bandwagon. In fact, study results show that more than 70% of small firms have optimized their mobile marketing efforts.

This article highlights some of the most essential advantages of mobile marketing to throw light on its growing popularity. In case you wish to try this technique for your organization, we also present some of the greatest examples of mobile marketing platforms.

For those who are still unsure about the benefits of mobile marketing, here are 11 tried-and-true as well as strong advantages that you just cannot ignore.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Let's begin with the most important. When compared to other marketing approaches, mobile marketing is extremely cost-effective. Print, television, and outdoor advertising, for example, have far greater production and buying expenses. Because mobile marketing is so finely targeted, every dollar you spend works that much harder. Furthermore, mobile marketing provides a range of communication channels, and you may select the ones that best suit your needs.

2. Mobile Personalization

As a marketer, you already know that tailored communications have a higher probability of being remembered and causing customers to act. According to a poll conducted by a top digital marketing and analytics firm, 7 out of 10 customers prefer information and advertisements that are personalized to their specific interests. This is one area where Mobile App Development Company in Dubai shines.

It's not only material but also tailored push alerts. User segmentation becomes easier with the collection of permissible data, resulting in strong marketing. Toyota USA, for example, generated 100,000 separate video commercials for a hybrid vehicle, each one tailored to the viewer's preferences based on Facebook findings.

3. Location-Based Targeting

The usage of location services is an essential aspect of personalization. Because individuals are so reliant on their cell phones, this may be a huge benefit for marketers. Consider geofencing, which sends notifications, alerts, or other offers to a device when it enters a certain place, such as a sports stadium or a retail mall.

Such location targeting personalizes, focuses, and increases the likelihood that your marketing message will be recognized. According to one survey, the location was used in 70% of all mobile advertising from quick-service restaurants.

4. Immediacy

When your internet marketing communications are delivered to desktops or laptops, it is possible that the customer may not notice them for some time. When utilizing a smartphone, consumer behavior changes. This can be used for mobile push alerts. A news app, for example, may rapidly give out pertinent, breaking news. A retail shop might also declare a one-day sale.

Another approach to exploit this characteristic of immediacy is to provide important warnings in response to customer behaviors. This is especially significant for people in the financial technology industry. Lloyds TSB, the first bank to give text notifications with balance information and data of clients' past five transactions, believes mobile is beneficial as a service channel. "It's about giving the consumer an option of how they may engage with the bank," explains Anita Hockin, Lloyds TSB's head of digital. Learn how to position an online banking app as the focal point of an omnichannel consumer interaction strategy.

5. Instant, Real-Time Transactions

Mobile Marketing has the unrivaled advantage of driving rapid purchases for e-retailers. You can promptly meet the demands of your customers. Such transactions might likewise be made available in-store. According to a recent study, 39% of customers say they would use mobile payments more if more businesses and apps accepted them, while 61% think mobile payments are currently replacing cash transactions.

The ease of mobile shopping is something that an increasing number of customers have grown to rely on. To enable a smooth, omnichannel experience, Catbird, a jewelry firm, designed a bespoke mobile commerce theme that was independent of the desktop site. This resulted in a 45 percent increase in mobile transactions.

6. Omnichannel Reach

Mobile Marketing may appear to be a unified strategy. However, the phrase truly spans various channels, providing you with numerous viable methods to reach customers. For example, mobile phones now account for the vast bulk of internet traffic. Then there are smartphone applications for a more personalized experience. Consider SMS messages, which have a 98% average open rate.

There are more excellent methods to contact out. To provide another example, QR codes in public places or in print may be scanned on mobile phones to access additional offers and information. You will be able to design a mobile strategy that reaches your prospects with the appropriate message at the right location at the right time based on their behavior and history. Since Google recently identified push notifications as an essential marketing trend that cannot be ignored by marketers, here is a comprehensive guide.

7. Harnessing Social Media

Globally, there are over 3.5 billion social media users, and the number is expanding every day. In 2020, internet users worldwide used social media for an average of 145 minutes per day. The vast bulk of this is done on cell phones. Clearly, including social media in an Android App mobile Development marketing plan makes a lot of sense. Social media may be used to supplement existing marketing efforts, as well as for news, special offers, and standalone campaigns.

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