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Underrated Love/Hate songs for your most complicated lovers

by Melissa Ingoldsby 3 days ago in indie

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Underrated Love/Hate songs for your most complicated lovers
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We all got that binding, repressed teenage urge to bust a pipe whenever you hear the lyrics, "I hate everything about you, why do I love you?" is on the radio by Three Days Grace, but why is that?

It is something primal about having a relationship that is something to loathe yet love at the same time, the intensity of both contrasting spectrums of emotions at the same time that gives us chills and sends us into a state of fear and euphoria---perhaps even ecstasy?

Or is it something more simple and human; a way to deny our true feelings for the one person we may have denied our affections for so long, to save face and not to appear weak in front of them and the entire world?

Is there something about a rivalry, an enemy---someone who opposes you directly---and for some odd reason, strikes a chord within your soul, within your heart-song? You refuse to believe it could be, but the longer you know them, the stronger it chimes, and it bellows... and the feelings of hatred and disgust meld into genuine friendship---a form of communication you can not replicate with anyone else, and it churns your stomach in what you think is first nausea, but really----it is.... love?

Could hatred really become love? Are these two feelings similar is construction yet not in the outcome?

Well, I don't know, but it seems like A LOT of media and musical representations of such a relationship seem to say abundantly: YES!

So, for my list, I won't be naming any Love/Hate songs that are naturally overrated and popular, these will just be songs that might go for a more quirky, odd---or angry kind of couple.

Like my article on underrated love songs for couples in your stories, here is my list for underrated Love/Hate songs! I am going for off beat, heavy, quirky and different sounding beats for your stories and couples.

Here is my Love song article if ya wanna check it out:

Okay, people, here is the first little number.

This is an old favorite of mine, to be honest.

This song conjures up a relationship of twists and turns, a truncated, intense bout of passion followed up by seething pain and hatred---a relationship that is unstable and has too much going against it.

The lyrics as follows:

You make me sick

Because I adore you so

I love all the dirty tricks

And twisted games you play

On me

Space dementia in my eyes and

Peace will arise

And tear us apart

And make us meaningless


A beautiful melancholy drips into the lyrics with the piano composition sweetly following up in the background, and it is as intense and as fast as you can say Amen!, The End! and Goodbye... I loved you NEVER.

Prescription-Use only in drips like an IV bag: small but very potent.

Next on the list one of my absolute favorite rock Goddesses, PJ Harvey.

I don't need no rising moon

I don't need no ball and chain

I don't need anything but you

Such a shame, shame, shame

Shame, shame, shame

Shame is the shadow of love

You changed my life

We were as green as grass

And I was hypnotized

From the first 'til the last

Kiss of shame, shame, shame

Shame is the shadow of love

I'd jump for you into the fire

I'd jump for you into the flame

Tried to go forward with my life

I just feel shame, shame, shame

Shame, shame, shame

Shame is the shadow of love

If you tell a lie

I still would take the blame

If you pass me by

It's such a shame, shame, shame

The amount of passion in the lyrics, the loyalty, trust and affection juxtaposed with the shame it immediately brings---either by self-imposition, society-created, social or culture issues----we can all relate to sometimes enveloping our biggest passions and loves to shame. These problems can lead to a love/hate sort of relationship---even just with yourself. Misplaced anger and fear can have it misdirected at the one you love the most, and create barriers and walls between characters---walls that may last longer than they intended.

PJ Harvey is a treasure-trove of songs of dark passion, gothic driven loves and deep felt pain and betrayal. I highly recommend giving her discography a listen for inspiration and just in general for your listening pleasure. I know I do, often.

And lastly, a little calmer version of something a bit more lovelorn and borderline between indifference, fear and love.

My heart eats beats...

My heart eats love...

Don't say goodbye like you're burying him

'Cause the world is round and he might return

But if he loves me then why does he leave?

This song brings out the secret desire for self-destruction(not necessarily literal) leading to longing after relationships that have been long dead and cut off from our lives get struck up to our memory by a place or a film(media).

Regina's songs always have such emotional depth to them, and to my surprise, a visceral trauma that creates an intense tension(in me). That tension is something writers use to draw from their real life experience to create something that leaps off the page and speaks to the reader.

What will yours leap up and say?

Anyway, hope you all liked this new article today, and hope you are all safe and well. Have a good day---happy writing and happy reading!



Underrated Mood songs for places and family situations---or something. (Working title) PS. I am not good with titles. Lol

Melissa Ingoldsby
Melissa Ingoldsby
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