Trevor Knight Releases New Pop Single "Not That Kind of Guy"

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Trevor Knight Releases New Pop Single "Not That Kind of Guy"

Rising talent Trevor Knight gives hope that real men with manners still exist. In his new single "Not That Kind of Guy", he highlights his personality and how he has respect for anyone he dates by taking it at a good pace and not rushing into anything. It is refreshing to hear a song from a male perspective that is so authentic. As a listener, it makes you want to know this artist story and personality even more.

Trevor states "'Not That Kind of Guy' is a head-bobbing anthem—a proclamation that not all guys are the same, and a spirited reminder to remain comfortable and confident in one’s own skin."

Check out his single below on all major platforms.


Trevor Knight is a versatile singer and songwriter based in NYC who specializes in soulful pop. His goal is to bring joy to people through music by lending his passionate vocals to honest lyrics in both meaningful ballads and playful, upbeat tracks. His sound is influenced by artists such as Sam Cooke, Michael Bublé, and Sam Smith. Soul meets pop meets country in Trevor’s smooth and wholesome voice.

Originally hailing from the dirt roads of Minnesota, Trev’s musical adventure began at Dartmouth College, where he arranged songs for his a cappella group and was selected as the only male Finalist in “Dartmouth Idol” during his senior year. During the competition, he performed classic hits supported by background singers and a 20-piece band.

While at Dartmouth, he also walked onto the Heavyweight Rowing team, racing twice at the IRA National Championship Regatta. He is determined to remain a lifelong athlete and self-proclaimed fitness junkie, staying active in any way he can. He is a regrettably staunch supporter of all the mediocre Minnesota sports teams.

After graduating from college in 2017, where he studied Economics, Government, and Spanish, Trevor began work as a trader at Citibank in New York while recording cover songs and frequenting open mic nights in his spare time. He was featured in Wall Street’s Got Talent in 2018, performing a mashup he arranged of top songs from the last five decades.

Over time, he honed his writing of original music and began performing around NYC. He has played at venues such as the Bitter End, the New York Friars Club, Parkside Lounge, Rubulad, and others.

Trevor's debut single, "Giving It Up," was released on all major streaming platforms on July 12. Through the process of crafting and recording the song for commercial use, he got a glimpse of what a life in music could be like—and he was hooked.

Trevor is extremely grateful for all those that have helped him along the way; he attributes his drive and any success he may have to God, his supportive family and friends, and the passion he was born with. When not focusing on music, he can be found in the gym, walking in the park, or enjoying a hearty diet of Chipotle and Greek yogurt.

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