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Top 5 Depeche Mode Songs

It's time to enjoy a different silence

By Samantha ParrishPublished about a month ago 4 min read

You could throw a dart at any band and find out that the songs were influenced by Depeche Mode. This band has solidified its way into the hearts and minds of many fans from the 80s and an audience kept finding them (that includes yours truly). Now keep in mind that I am just a music fan, I don't count these songs as lesser or greater than the others. I'm just a fan of the band.

Enjoy The Silence

For a song that has the word silence in the title, it does speak volumes. It's been speaking for the past thirty years to an audience that carried on the value of comfortable silence. The band Muse has gone on record to give credit to this song for the inspiration behind Undisclosed Desires. Anytime I listen to this song, it feels like I have arms wrapping around me and holding me close. It's a song for the lonely ones who needed to hear that they were enough for someone.


This song was my intro to the band. I was in my emo phase and all I wanted was the emotional songs (it's the drill). When I heard the beginning beats, that was all that it took for me. It was calming and helped me when I didn't know how to help myself. I asked my mother to get the song for me, she had to point out that she found it odd that I liked Depeche Mode. Years later, I found out what the story was behind the song. Martin Gore wrote this song for his children to help them understand that divorcing his wife didn't make him love them any less and to-

-keep room in their hearts for two

This song isn't as well known as the others, but you can always tell when the song is made for the musician than the fanbase. I appreciate this song for its story, but I also appreciate that it helped me as well as it helped his kids.


Any song that doesn't have a strange title wouldn't be a Depeche Mode song. But a song with Strange in the title feels full circle. The majority of the song is the title itself said repetitively in the chorus and frames. The first time I listened to it, I thought "I don't see how it's a strange love, I'm hearing all the romantic notions of

I'm not trying to say

I'll have it all my way

I'm always willing to learn

When you've got something to teach

And I'll make it all worthwhile

I'll make your heart smile

But then the song changes to this.

But then it changes

There'll be days

When I'll stray

I may appear to be

Constantly out of reach

I give in to sin

Because I like to practice what I preach

It reveals a different side that is a strange love, I've found it to be a song for those who go through narcissistic relationships where they have given love for someone who in turn pushed you on how much pain you can take. Love is pain to a certain degree to be willing to endure it. It's a love you feel was put on you. But there are different endurances. It's still a great song with many takeaways to define their strange love. I still added this to the list because it's catchy as hell, I love it for the tune.

All I have to say is, it's not strange to keep finding love like that.


Shiny Toy Guns gave this song a second wave when they covered this hit that bears it all. For a song called Stripped, it's one of the rare songs that doesn't sexualize the context of being bare. Their song Enjoy The Silence was about a comfortable silence. Now there's a song like Stripped with a different kind of comfortable sense of intimacy to show all of yourself. Being bare in front of another can be difficult for some people who have intimacy issues or body issues. Stripped became a comfort song for someone like me with both issues.

Policy Of Truth

This was the song version of "Karma is gonna get you". I love the love songs, I love the sad songs, but I also love the social commentary songs. We've all known someone who doesn't take moral advice that you know will backfire. You know deep in your heart that immorality doesn't escape justice. When I hear the lyrics -

It's just time to pay the price

For not listening to advice

And deciding in your youth

On the policy of truth

Decisions have consequences. and all you can do is sit back and see you were right. It hits hard in my stomach for someone like me who had had to stay in their lane and stop saving everyone. It's a reminder that everyone's decision isn't always the best when they choose to do something they know is wrong.

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  • angela hepworth20 days ago

    Great list! Strangelove is one of my favorites as well and my all time favorite has to be World in My Eyes.

  • Chloe Gilholy30 days ago

    Great picks. They're my favourite band.

  • Jasmine Aguilarabout a month ago

    Oh I love Depeche Mode! "Enjoy the Silence" and "Strangelove" are my top favorite Depeche Mode songs. "Enjoy the Silence" reminds me of finding that at times moment of peaceful solitude. And I especially love the lyrics "But when you think I've had enough From your sea of love I'll take more than another river full Yes, and I'll make it all worthwhile I'll make your heart smile" to Strangelove.

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