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They Go Hand In Hand

Music And Expression

By Amber FiercePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
They Go Hand In Hand
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My therapeutic playlist is a bit different form others. When I listen to music I have an urge to dance, and try my voice at singing like the artist even if it's meant to be relaxing.

In a way dance and music go hand in hand. Music provides the rhythm while dancing and singing help to ground the listener.

One of my top songs right now is Courage to Change by Sia. The part of her course when she sings, "You're not alone in all this. You're not alone I promise. Standing together we can do anything." Sends a chill through my body and then I just start to spin around my living room and enact a forceful singing expression while pretending to hold a mic in my hands. Her voice and style of singing is very powerful. This is relaxing for me, so I entertain my crappy dance moves because it makes me feel free. Dance is a great way to express my feelings in a free way and that's probably a reason it relaxes me. Dancing can be exhausting for me but in a good way. Holding on to my emotions and bottling them inside turns into a depressing kind of exhaustion. Singing loud and proud has the same affect on my emotional state.

The next relaxing song on my playlist is; Walk Me Home by P!nk. When I hear this song I try to imitate the dancing from the music video. I never get it right but I enjoy just skipping around the house and trying. It has a safe and secure atmosphere which is something I value in my life. I dance and try to express myself in wanting said safety and security. Which is something I have now. So it's nice to dance rejoicefully to something I've worked hard to earn. I know the song is not about one person specifically and it's more directed towards the news and societal dangers. However, songs are up for interpretation from people around the world. For me it means having a safe place to go.

Next is Kings And Queens by Ava Max When she sings "If all of the kings had there queens on the thrown we would pop champagne and raise a toast." I want to jump up and have a dance fight. It's a cool song expressing her thoughts on sexism. I love it because when I'm struggling with sexism myself it's nice to have a song to ground my emotions with. Usually I pretend to be boxing while I'm listening to her song.

Next up is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, now is around the time my playlist starts to slow down. I'm still dancing but not as aggressively. I started getting into this song again when I was pregnant. One day it sneaked it's way back into my head without me hearing it. I started singing it to my son who was still in my belly at the time. We listen to it every once in a while and dance together. I'll do a slow cha-cha so I don't make him dizzy. He'll usually nod off after a bit.

After that song Cover Me In Sunshine by P!nk and her daughter is up. This is a newer song that I heard recently but it's a really sweet song that I'll slow dance to on my own. After these songs everything slows down and I want to sit. I've exhausted my dancing and singing skills and I'm feeling pretty chill. I still want to listen to music though. So, I make myself a cup tea go out onto my porch and I'll listen to this list of songs.

- Memories by Maroon 5

- Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw

- Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan

- Drift Away by Uncle Kracker

- Break Away by Kelly Clarkson

- Free Falling by Tom Petty

- Bridge of Light by P!nk

- Drops Of Jupiter by Train

These are slow paced songs that are nice to enjoy on a slow day. While I'm on the porch waiting for me tea to cool on a spring morning, I'll take a few deep breaths. I let my body relax and my eyes find the sky. I remember that's it's been forever since I've just looked up at the clouds and watched the way they traveled in the atmosphere. My tea has cooled, so I sip at it and once it's finished, I rest with my eyes closed listening to my Zen playlist.


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I am Canadian, I’ve loved writing from a young age and wanted to see where it would take me. Now I’m testing myself by writing for different genres. I write song lyrics, and fiction stories the most. Happy reading! Xoxo

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