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The Talented Boom Dice (aka—Bryan Wilson) Debuts First Single with LP Giobbi, the Warrior Goddess of Electronic Music

by Nikki Gaskins 3 years ago in dance

Get ready to get your dance on!

What happens when the musical maestro himself, Boom Dice, and LP Giobbi, one of the leading women in the electronic music scene, pair up? Beautiful music happens, that’s what. The dynamic duo recently released their high-energy dance track, “Ready to Go,” and it’s sure to be a chart climber. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to it here now.

“Working with LP for this track was great!” stated Boom Dice, whose real name is Bryan Wilson. “She is high energy, high positivity, and full of ideas. Basically, nothing is off-limits when you ask her. She was the ideal type of person to collaborate with. We just clicked, cracked jokes, and got to business at the same time.”

According to the talented music producer, LP was the missing piece to the puzzle when it came to finalizing the track. The two met through mutual friend Sofi Tukker. “Ready to Go” is a catchy tech-house jam that builds you up and gives you that payoff you’re looking for in the end.

“I want people to have fun while listening, and be able to express themselves however they want,” stated Boom Dice. “The phrase ‘Ready To Go’ and its context within the song can mean a lot of different things so it can be personal for everyone. An unintended outcome when making it!”

The song is guaranteed to pump you up and get you in the dancing mood. It’s also impossible to feel sad when you hit the play button. One listen to the song, and music lovers will feel like they can conquer the world.

“The inspiration for the single came to me while walking through the jungle in Vietnam searching for golden cheek Gibbons monkeys. When I came across them, I pulled out my phone started recording their howls and what you hear in the song are unaltered snippets of what I recorded,” explained Boom Dice.

The master producer built the track around the sounds produced by the “talented primates” he recorded in the jungle, while the changes in mood and lifts came from the awesome keys that LP Giobbi added. According to Boom Dice, the skeleton of the song was there, but then LP came in and brought the song to life with some dynamic structure changes and Latin-house influenced piano builds.

“We had a guest vocalist named Rupi provide us with some awesome vocal content, and, yes, that is her normal accent! It just works with the energy of the song,” stated Boom Dice.

According to him, the other “Ready to Go” vocals came from popping my girlfriend in front of a mic and getting her to just adlib.

“It was a high energy jam so we just went with it. The aim was to have fun!” explained Boom Dice. And that they certainly did.

The pair also have an exclusive extended mix of the single that is available on Beatport.

“It will provide DJs with a way to spin this globally in their sets and have it banging around international dance floors,” stated Boom Dice.

Although this is Boom Dice and LP Giobbi’s first track together, it’s likely to be followed by more collaborations. So, music lovers, rejoice. You certainly haven’t heard the last of these two.

“I am currently working with her upcoming material, but we aim to set up some new collaborations after this for sure,” stated Boom Dice.

As for what’s next for Boom Dice? Well, let’s just say he’s not sitting around idle and twiddling his thumbs. He’s working on his next masterpiece.

“I am also in the process of launching a Boom Dice Presents… project. It will essentially be a curated playlist of all the great talent I get to make music with and will mark the start of my artist project,” he explained.


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