The Concert that almost was

...and the night I'll never forget

The Concert that almost was

Last year I heard that Daryl Hall and John Oates would be touring and coming to The Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, NH (about two hours where I live.) I had plans to go and was about to look online for some tickets when a friend of mine emailed me and made my day.

She said "I was wondering if you knew of anyone who might want to buy a pair of tickets to go see Hall & Oates at The Pavilion." I reply back "Yes, I would!" The seats were close to the front (better than the ones I was going to research) and the price was great.

The story behind how Hall & Oates met is an ironic story. Each was headed to meet with their perspective bands when a gun fight broke out between two gangs at a battle of the bands competition in Philadelphia. They both escaped to an elevator. A conversation ensued and both realized the were students at Temple University... and the rest as they say, was history.

They've had 34 Billboard Hot 100 chart hits, had 7 platinum albums and 6 golds. They brought what is known as "blue eyed soul" to the masses with songs like: "Sarah Smile" "Rich Girl" "Wait for me" "Kiss on my list" and the list goes on and on. I knew this concert, for me, was going to be a night filled with songs that brought back great memories.

I invited a buddy of mine and we met at an agreed upon location and I drove to the venue. I was a nice sunny warm day and I thought about how I wanted to see this duo since I was a sophomore in high school... a long time ago! The Pavilion was packed and the opening act came out and I smiled knowing this was going to be memorable night.

And then...they took the stage. Daryl Hall is 73 and John Oates is 71, but you wouldn't have known it the way the came out... with a gusto and energy of men half their age. They started with their 1982 hit song "Maneater." They got to the part when the saxophonist does his solo and then.... HE came out. One of the management staff from the pavilion.

He steps up to the mic and say "We're sorry, but the weather is getting dangerous and for the sake of the band, we're going to have to ask them to leave the stage." Boos burst out across the venue. I looked outside and the nice weather had turned black and I would see lightening in the distance. I looked my buddy and said "Ah, this will pass. They'll wait it out and they'll just start the show a little late."

I was wrong.

A few minutes later, the same guy comes out and tells the packed venue that due to the inclement weather, and for the safety of the crowd to please head to your vehicle. Yup, after ONE song... the concert was cancelled. I looked outside, it was pouring and lightening out.

So, we walked about half a mile to our cars in the pouring rain with lightening striking around us. I thought "how is this for our safety?" But in all fairness to the Pavilion, it was a smart thing to do.

Think about it... what if lightning hits the building and something were to fall? People could get seriously injured or killed. The venue did the right thing. Even as soaked and sad I was, I understood why they did what they did.

And it's not all dark clouds because I have another chance... the duo is coming back to the Pavilion September 2nd. I'm planning on going.

I can tell you one thing... if the first song they sing when they come out is "Maneater" I'm going to scream "NOOOOOO!"

InSide tHe banD by Darryl
InSide tHe banD by Darryl
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InSide tHe banD by Darryl

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