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Surviving the V-Day Moods

by Nicole K 10 months ago in playlist

Because sometimes you just need to be in your feelings, all of them.

Let's be honest. No one can really prepare you for heartbreak or the emotional roller coaster that comes with it, especially the ones that throw you for a loop in one day. Valentine's Day has always been a polarizing holiday for many. Either you're spending it with a loved one or loathing the love in the air because a) you're nursing a broken heart or b) because you've been single for a while and are starting to accept your life as a cat lady/man. The holiday is certainly cheesy but we end up getting caught up in it anyways. That's okay! We all handle it differently. Perhaps you're like me and just refuse to sit and wallow in self-pity. You want to feel good and focus on ANYTHING else, you deserve that much right?


There is something therapeutic about dancing when you're in a funk and equally as so when watching someone else dance their troubles away. Whenever I am down, I love turning this song on and grooving along. I am drawn both to the straightforward lyrics as well as her, well, normal dancing (which I envision myself in a similar manner). Sometimes we don't want to deal with our emotions and opt instead to just dance it all out and that's okay.


We all deserve a friend who will, no matter what, be there to tell us we're beautiful and more than enough. Lizzo and this song is that friend. Just like dancing, sometimes we need to just hear that we're capable of brushing ourselves off and will survive whatever heartache we're facing. The music is catchy and Lizzo's voice commands your attention so much that you believe what she's saying.


Sometimes we also need a friend who is unapologetically honest and will let us know when we're putting effort into a relationship that is just not worth it. The video is quite fun once you get over the creepy intruders (if you have a phobia of masked people, this may not be for you) and the song reminds us to trust our inner voice.


Another great music video featuring an individual dancing as he reflects on a relationship ending and where it has landed him. I love this MV for its quirkiness but love the message of the song. Breakups and the aftermath hurt but often we're able to reflect and better ourselves because of them. Rushing into things for the sake of companionship won't guarantee a healed heart. Take time to build a better relationship with yourself first, good things will follow.


Whenever I'm having a bad day, I pull this song from my middle school memory bank. Sometimes you need to just let your feelings out but you can't go yelling at the top of your lungs at your ex in the middle of a parking lot. You can however unleash decade old teenage angst among your feelings of heartache in a single song. You'll feel better I promise.


Of course after going through so many emotions, it's time to just turn your brain off and feel good again. What better way to feel sexy, empowered, and on top of the world than to listen to some K-Pop? The music videos are flashy, colorful, and fun and the music is equally as catchy. If you don't speak or understand Korean, you can simply turn the closed captioning options on to get a close translation of the lyrics otherwise enjoy practicing their hand motions and your best IDGAF look.

All in all, the holiday doesn't have to be an all out cry fest but it's okay if it is. It's okay if you're feeling a range of emotions and it's okay if you aren't. For me, I'm going to treat it as a self-care day whatever that means and you will certainly find me in the candy aisle on February 15th picking up all those discounted heart chocolate boxes.


Nicole K

an almost 30 year old


photographer, artist, and occasional writer

just a human trying to figure it all out...again

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