"Still I Rise"

Introducing Produced By a Girl

Ring around the Rosie, pockets full of posies, ashes ashes—we all fall: Still I Rise. I woke up in the hazy light with dust particles streaming through the window. The sound of my distant past and subjugated conversations intermittently rose in volume. Back to the DAW, back to the sounds that would drown out the do’s and do-nots.

Fast forward three years and here I am, working on my 200th or so song. "Still I Rise" was the start of a movement for the silenced. In a search for an artist name—Produced By a Girl was born. Together, “Still I Rise” and Produced By a Girl set off on IG @producedbyagirl, and started an ember that would flicker steadily three months in.

I remember the first person who came up to me at work. She said, “You have to do this. I love what you’re doing. You have no idea how much this will help other women. You have a moral obligation to support women in the industry with this slogan and brand.” I was speechless. I’d struck a chord with a silenced generation that was passing a baton to me, and saying speak for me, speak for us, you can do this. Please don’t give up. “My daughter loves Produced By a Girl.”

I went home that evening and wrote this song, and decided “Still I Rise,” will be the public service announcement for Produced By a Girl. When I wrote this song, I knew that the bass would be heavy. As it started to hum in its natural cadence, I heard and saw the rising momentum of a chorus of people chanting slowly at first, and then more readily, all in sync, getting louder and louder, “Still I Rise.” The end of the clip in this video stops at the turning point. And it’s a fitting turning point, because Produced By a Girl is just beginning, writing her own destiny.

When I debated opening Produced By a Girl to the public, I had to make a decision to keep the brand to myself and my own artist name or to use it as a podium to support other female artists as well. I realized that keeping it my own brand name was top small. It was too powerful to not be shared. So now Produced by a Girl lives on as both my artist name, as well as my brand that I use where I can highlight other female artists. And it’s neat because I can use my IG account dual ways to support female artists, as well as share my latest music projects.

And here we are, at a crossroads. Do we continue speaking, sharing, standing up for what we believe in as women in the music industry? Its only just begun.

Follow along on my journey, my Audio Visual Photo book of Art, music production, and more, and learn more about Produced By a Girl, and the platform she’s starting to support and spotlight women who are producing great works of art in an industry where only two percent of women are music producers. If you connect with me on IG, you can submit your photo or video and tag @producedbyagirl for a chance to be featured on my main page. I work with an amazing team too. They care about Produced by a Girl, and want to see it be a catalyst for female artists.

Still I Rise. All Rise. The congregation may rise. There comes a time when we all have to rise for what we believe in. I see you. I got you. I’ll rise for you until you can rise again too.

Xoxo 💋 Produced By a Girl

Produced By A Girl ™️
Produced By A Girl ™️
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