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Song Review: 'Plug Love' by Spizzy PM & King Boo

Priceless Memories Entertainment artists release video for song off upcoming mixtape titled 'The Contract.'

By Victor TrammellPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Video directed by IAmHayday Visuals

New material from your favorite artists in music can reach consumers in many ways nowadays. Outlets like Spotify, SoundCloud, TIDAL, and other music streaming services are a popular way to consume sounds in today's digital era.

Also, with the popularity and viability of YouTube, the artists of the viral age can increase their exposure through releasing song videos online. Artists who have their own entertainment labels no longer have to wait for or expect record labels to fund and release their music videos. Priceless Memories Entertainment LLC (PME) is a record company, which was founded by Casey "Spizzy PM" Howard in 2018. Since the last time Priceless Memories Entertainment LLC was profiled by, the label has released several music videos.

Three of those song videos are singles, which will all be featured on an upcoming mixtape project by PME's marque artists, Spizzy PM and King Boo. The wordsmithing rap duo have been very busy over the course of the last three months. Within a one-month stretch during the previous three, Spizzy PM and King Boo performed in a trio of rap videos, which were released exclusively on YouTube. The videos were produced, edited, and directed by a Tacoma, Washington-based videography firm called IAmHayDay Studios.

This company has created film productions for an impressive client list, which have served the likes of A-list NFL stars, including All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman and standout safety Earl Thomas. Antoine Hayden, founder of IAmHayDay Studios, is a 17-year veteran of the industry of videography. "We're not trying to break you, we're trying to make you," Hayden said in a statement on his company's website. "Plug Love" by Spizzy PM and King Boo is the pair's latest IAmHayDay production.

This song video was shot on a beach at Howarth Park in Everett, Washington. "Plug Love" is the third IAmHayDay production released by Priceless Memories Entertainment LLC. The song is one of the singles which will appear on Spizzy PM and King Boo's second mixtape release of the year titled The Contract. Also, "Plug Love" was released at first exclusively on video. Other singles, such as "Time Passin' By," and "Got a Lot to Lose" have also been released over the last several months. Both songs were released via video and produced by IAmHayDay Studios.

Priceless Memories Entertainment LLC has also planned a Louisiana-based video shoot in the near future, according to Spizzy PM, PME's chief executive officer. "Dates have not been discussed specifically but we do plan to do a three-day tour and increase our intensity with these future activities," said Spizzy PM exclusively to In addition to music, merchandising is another brand activity that Priceless Memories LLC is interested in investing into. These opportunities are ripe among the local Puget Sound music marketers and performers who sell merchandise with their own branding.

PME has other locally-sponsored entertainment events in its sights in the near future as well. "We feel performing is the best way to reach fans directly. We want to be able to perform these songs live that we've shot videos for," said CEO Spizzy PM. "Plug Love" certainly has the anthem-style sonic backdrop, as well as lyrical energy to move a crowd. It is a part of the three IAmHayDay productions for PME that personify the label's newly evolving sound. PME's upcoming mixtape The Contract definitely sounds and looks different than the PME rap duo's current project titled "Two Kingz: Moves Among Men" from a video and song standpoint.

But the difference is definitely positive. It shows how important evolution is to an artistic person expressing themselves through music. Watch more PME music videos here.


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