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Reason First: How Should JAY-Z Respond to a Legal Battle and Praise?

Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter must deal with lawsuits and admiration. What should he do?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

When it comes to trials and triumphs, few gracefully carry both sides other than JAY-Z. It has been reported that a former boxer on Roc Nation Sports, Daniel Franco, sustained a brain injury, and is suing the legendary rapper for “personal negligence and other damages.” A few hours earlier, rapper 21 Savage declared via Twitter that JAY-Z is the undisputed best rapper to have ever graced a microphone.

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These polarizing stories are microcosms for the world in which JAY-Z lives. He has a beautiful family, loads of cash, the respect of most critics, and the backing of his peers. For him to encounter a lawsuit (again) just means that he is as influential enough for people to try to claim a piece of his fortune. Franco is suing the “Izzo” rapper because Hov’s Roc Nation Sports arm allegedly forced the young pugilist to fight, even though he faced medical issues. He states that he suffered “a devastating brain injury.”

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But what does this say about the MC who has remained a significant presence in hip hop for over two decades? At one end, he’s getting the heat from from the lawsuit, and on the end, he’s receiving cool praise from the likes of 21 Savage. This man has faced criminal charges as well as a slew of other legal entanglements throughout his illustrious career. Savage’s remarks show a maturity that is not always evident with this current crop of rappers. His words have rung around the world in rapid fashion. Is it JAY-Z’s rhyming patterns? His well-crafted hooks? Or is it the metaphors, similes, and imagery, and double entendres that make him great? Maybe it’s Hov’s ability to weave tales through rhyme that inspired 21 to take to the Twitterverse, and voice his opinion of the veteran wordsmith.

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And yet, JAY still has to contend with legal battles like the Franco case. This dichotomy of praise and possible forfeiture of his some of his fortune puts JAY-Z in a precarious situation. What he faces are the barbs and snares for his audacity to be one of the greatest minds in all of hip hop.

If this lawsuit doesn’t go in the “N––s in Paris” rapper’s favor, then he will have to adjust his business model. No more will he be able to push fighters to enter bouts if their health is questionable. With Franco, this could be a devastating blow to JAY’s business model. He may have to restructure all of the components that make up Roc Nation Sports. But Hov has been down this lane in the past. He has seen the vicious hands of the subjective try to squeeze his funds out of him like a wet sponge.

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But to be be honored by a member of the mumble rap generation, one of its most prominent spokesmen, 21, JAY ought to take the words of adoration in stride. 21 Savage thought it necessary to issue a short missive detailing his respect for JAY-Z. The dichotomy between the lawsuit, and the Twitter congratulations ought to put JAY-Z in a place for him to recognize that his empire can be threatened, while at the same time he has unwavering support.

By taking on risks like running his own label, and music, and sports management company, JAY has done a spectacular job rising from the ashes of Roc-a-Fella Records. Always forward looking, the “Marcy Me” rapper continues to be a mainstay in the hip hop genre. For him now to be embroiled in a lawsuit, which may have dire consequences for him and his company, he still seems poised to take the brunt of whatever may be thrown at him, and come out “without a stain on [his] shirt.”

21 Savage’s sincere words of admiration should propel other rappers in the game to pay homage to the Iceberg Slim hip hop artist. A rarity today due to the high turnover rate in hip hop, most would consider Jiggaman to be an “old school” rapper. While he may be headed to his fiftieth birthday later this year, the man still holds a firm grasp on the direction of the genre.

So, if JAY-Z wants to continue to thrive in this game, it is up to him to tackle the lawsuit, and savor the moments when an artist generations apart has encouraging words for him. That is the mark of a true businessman.


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