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Rambling About READY TO EAT by Beauty School Dropout

thanks for nothing

By lucyjbPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

DISCLAIMER: this is just my interpretation so you don't have to agree, but if you wanna get mad about it please for the love of god go find someone who actually cares and waste their time instead.


1. i loved you

i love how this song is sort of split into two?? like the first rendition of the lyrics are to this calm, slow sort of intro, but then it gets into the second and the music goes from really soft to loud and full

2. dying to be you

its interesting to me that this song is ‘dying to be you’ rather than something like ‘dying to be yours’ because instead of wanting to be with this person, they're instead saying that they want to be this person, in a jealous ‘i want what they have’ kinda way which is just a really different take on a relationship like this and i love it

following the ‘swimming pools of existential dread’ metaphor and extending with “no lifeguard on deck again” LOVE

“how i wear my fears like filthy clothing” idk if i can exactly explain why this hits so different but it does and i love it

3. blow my high

“i would rather burn out than fade” love how the intro is separated from the first verse so distinctly both through the music and the lyrics

recurring reference to “bite the hand” as in ‘don't bite the hand that feeds you’ or however that saying goes —“bite the apple just like adam” BRO

i love the drop into the second rendition of chorus


the opening to this song is one of those ones that reminds you that the artist is a real peron and i love that especially how it it brings this transition into the rest of the song

its so much fun because it starts out really chill and then out of nowhere they throw this melody and beat in “if you want to kill me all you have to do is say hi” (me on a daily basis)

“i just saw you at a party you said you weren't going to” beside the obvious meaning behind this line there's something about it that feels really smooth both in how they sing it but also in terms of how the music lines up with it

“like your favorite band blink 182” its kind of wild to me to see references to these iconic bands/songs etc in a sort of weird generational growing up kinda way cause i guess i'm old now smh (the ones that really trip me up are “you had your own pete wentz and patrick combined” from Turbulent by Waterparks (FANDOM) and “like how you love the color yellow but you hate the song” from Know It All on The Band CAMINO’s self titled album.

5. beautiful waste

the opening of this song feels really bright and cheery vs the first lyrics which are not exactly cheery—“when i open my eyes i'm alone in my bed”

i love how the first verse feels and the narrative of meeting this girl, but knowing that you have no chance

6. one night stand you

the obvious play on words here is really fun, but its also well done enough that it adds to the feeling of the album and the lowkey hazy dusk kinda vibe

“lonely minded” love

the guitar solo before the last chorus is just

7. scarlett letter

okay so i looked at the genius page for this song and the spotify album/lyrics and i noticed that the song title itself is spelled scarlett with two Ts at the end but in the lyrics its spelled with one. the fact that it is the same on both spotify and genius leads me to believe that it isn't an accident but it totally could be so idk take this next part as you will

from what i can tell, two Ts is more common when used as a name versus scarlet with one t which is the modern variation of the original two T spelling. basically they are fairly interchangeable (docs doesn't seem to know what to do with it lol) but using two Ts in the title could be an interesting way of showing that this is a person rather than other definitions whereas the lyric has the modern spelling of scarlet as a bright red (bonus, when used in last song its spelled with one T so take that as you will)

i really love the repetition and sort of stutter in the chorus/lyrics and how the music matches and kind of mirrors that

“waste of memory” i think about this idea a lot so ig its just cool to see someone else thinking about it too

“twenty years spent losing my sanity” love this in a ‘love driving you crazy’ way but its also just kinda the story of my life lmao

“i don't think we’re bad at love, does he treats you better?” vs later repetition of “i don't think were bad at love, but he treats you better.” LOVEEEEE

8. heart of gold


9. thanks for nothing

ok the only thing i can think of that's even remotely comparable to what they're doing here is in the fall out boy song What A Catch, Donnie (folie) (fob reference imagine that)

in what a catch they integrate lyrics from past songs/albums into the closing half of the song, but here its not so much that the songs themselves are integrated, its more like a refrigerator poem in that they have the titles of each song and make/build the verse into something coherent around those titles and I LOVE IT.

this is such a great way to bring the album to a close and sort of summarize it in a story sense, but its also a technique that is so unique and really makes me think about how other people create their art and the detail that you can't see unless you look for it (also i always love a spoken verse okay blame pete wentz)

one thing that's interesting is that all of the lyrics that make up the verse follow the order of the album besides the last two lines, heart of gold and scarlett letter.

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