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By Kay MatthewsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 9 min read

"While listening to music can improve memory, physically playing music has even greater effects on our memory. A meta-analysis of medical research shows a difference in musicians' and non-musicians' memory. Research shows that musicians are better in tasks requiring long-term and working memory." -

No need to test these talented artist's memory ... just give their music a listen and enjoy!


R&B, Hip Hop, Trap

KROZS is an R&B artist from Harlem, NYC, who grew up surrounded with music at home and at church. After years of acting in series, films and videoclips, as well as busking and performing in small venues in the US, Japan and Brazil, and after releasing his debut EP “Departures”, KROZS gathered enough music and life experience to show the world what he is really capable of as a contemporary R&B, Hip Hop, Singer/Songwriter.

START IT UP, released Aug. 26th, hits us with the exciting thrill of anticipation in our minds before going on a date with someone you want so, so bad. This one in particular happened in the 4th largest city in the world: São Paulo, Brazil.

START IT UP sets the tone for the 4-track R&B/hip-hop party that he will be releasing month after month until the end of 2022. This single

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Explicit, Indie Pop, Bed Room Pop, and Soul Pop

A producer and singer/songwriter, Scott AF is a very inspirational and humorous fellow. He’s always pushing people to be their greatest and will have you belly laughing at least once if you ever meet him. If you’re looking to not only see through the lenses of his creativity but feel it, we then welcome you to listen to Scott AF.

Foul Mouth started developing during the hard times of Covid, when the world was shut down for six weeks.

The topic discusses haters and the spite of foul mouthing and being bitter. Many people can relate and hold onto this message. The story inspires people to trust again, and find the right friendships-groups to be a part of, that not only respect you but inspire you.


Explicit, Rap, Hip Hop

Never Sold Crack marks the return of Latitude 45, the project that connects hip hop & rap Lyon (FR) and Montreal (CA)!

After a first EP of 3 tracks, a new EP completes the mixtape, which is scheduled for release at the end of September. A single from Maky Lavender and Vannye that tells the American dream, all in a feel good atmosphere.

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French Creme, French Modern Music, French Pop

No & Jo is a duo of author, composer, performer with an insatiable thirst for creation.

Multi-instrumentalists, they release their first album on September 1st, 2022 under the title of ” No & Jo Volume 1 “. An album which draws its source and its influences from the best of the current music of the 70s until our days!

C’est quoi ça c’est ça, or translated into English “What is this is this” is a song about a father who explains to his child where the violence comes from.


Christian Hip Hop

J. Wynn is a writer producer and Pastor who is passionate about bringing a message of hope and inspiration to the world.

He has been producing and writing music since the age of 10 years old composing music for movies, short-films and television shows as well as for other artists.

J. Wynn latest single, Contagious (from the recently released Layover Project), was written while his wife was recovering from a severe asthma attack. They had to leave their home due to it being uninhabitable and they moved in with his brother; he was lost and for a moment and began to question his faith.

He then realized as much as he wanted to blame God for what was happening in his life he found himself being in awe that God keeps providing. He understood that even when he doesn’t understand God still has our best interest and that kind of love is Contagious!

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Funk, Hip Hop, Rock

Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats are a fusion-influenced jam band with elements of folk, gospel, jazz & funk blended in their own image.

Their killer single What’s Up Doc? is blues-funk fusion that sculpts a soundscape over lucid dreams and improvisation taking you for the ride!


R&B, Soul & Indie Pop, Soft Rock, Chill-out

Ulrich Jannert started to dive into music composition many, many years ago in the genre of contemporary r&b, soul & indie pop, soft rock that inspired him as a saxophone player.

This vibes of the song, No time for Bad Compromises, pulls from the r&b, soul & gospel traditions however it cuts across the genres and generations. The song is pure instrumental and the saxophone leads the mood and is the voice of the track.

No words, no voice destroys the listeners’ own mixture of associations when diving into the vibes of the track. The music style intends to create good vibes and an atmosphere to chill, reflex and dream away.


Indie Rock, Rock, Alternative

Luminous Wavez was founded in 2020 and consists of acclaimed U.K. musician Leaone and American lyricist Mike Dobbins.

Revenge Song Spiritual is the first single from their second EP Ashes of the Artist. The two continue to collaborate musically though to this day they’ve only communicated via email.

Revenge Song Spiritual speaks to the feeling so many of us have, but so few will admit: the desire for revenge. The intense and methodical journey of the song mirrors that of the revenge seeker, placing the listener directly in their shoes. It showcases Leaone’s ability to channel the raw emotion within the lyrics and paint a haunting landscape for fans.


Retro Pop Dream Pop, Soul Pop

Cal Pacino's unique understanding of jazz and pop chords always finds a way to make a home in your soul.

I’ve Been Away for a little while is a retro pop anthem and the first single from Irish artist Cal Pacino's debut album Sowing Seeds. This song is so ‘melty’, sweet , uplifting but also slightly melancholic.


Trap, Hip Hop, Rap

Dr Souc is a multi-genre music artist with 6 albums out. Dr Souc currently has 2 music videos. Tim Soucy (Dr Souc’s father) plays the guitar in Dr Souc’s music.

Coin Toss is all about being motivated and staying strong no matter the perseverance. Coin toss is about staying positive and keeping your head up at all times.


Alt-Latin, Reggaetón, Latin Urban, International Pop

Fresh off of his first solo set at Caliroots Festival, Bay area saxophonist, songwriter, Chris Del Camino, harnesses his dualistic emotions of pleasure and pain in his latest single, Venenosa (ft. Nell Widmer). The eclectic nature of the Alt.-Latin Pop single creates a world where things feel right even if they’re wrong.

Mixing genres and sonic elements create a unique reflection of his story and voice, Chris del Camino brings in his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to further distinguish his releases.

Nell Widmer released her debut EP – HELLO, in 2020. She was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists such as Apérol!, Made In France, New Music Friday France/Magreb/Levant, indispensable, and Emily in Paris Official as well as Apple Music’s L’alternative Française, Variété Française, New Music Daily, and Double Face to name a few. Nell is currently preparing her third EP, planned to release in late 2022.


  • Rap, Hip Hop

Born in Ghana, the neighboring country to Afrobeats epicenter Nigeria, Rayoe had been recording raps since a young age. Living back and forth between West Africa and New York during his formative years gave him a unique perspective on hip-hop culture during the height of rap icons such as Jay Z, 50 Cent and Dipset.

"Extra is kind of an ode to my Harlem-influence in a low-key way: being African, I’m naturally extra — we love to get fly. But Harlem really takes pride in pushin’ it to another level, being competitive about showin out. The clothes, jewelry, cars.. Extra!” he explains. “We had a lot of fun making the video, and the production company had some cool ideas like having the horse. I’m a bit tight cause we had a scene [that involved the car] I really wanted in the video, but I got the Benz stuck in the sand and we had move on without it.”

The song is produced by Rayoe’s longtime collaborator Bug Dinero, who is based in Ghana. It samples Moroccan instrumentation complimented by bouncy drums and a deep, rolling bass line.


R&B, Soul

Nora Toutain is a Franco-Moroccan singer-songwriter, based in Montreal. Rooted in an eclectic style, because of her diverse influences, Nora plays with her “soulful” timbre on various rhythms and influences: pop, r&b, jazz, soul and sometimes even Gnawa/Afro-pop.

Words is a tasteful blend of retro vibes with a modern production style.

The down tempo four on the floor groove, paired with a familiar classic chord progression is reminiscent of early Motown, but the vocals and the overall music production bring the song into modern alternative r&b territory.


R&B, Pop

Baby Mic Candy (BMC) is a 3-member Hip Hop group consisting of MOTO from Thailand, and GOLI and YUKI from Japan. The name ‘Baby Mic Candy’ toys with the idea of how the trio wants to share their identity with the whole world, charming listeners as vividly as Candy through the Microphone without forgetting their Baby-like innocence.

The debut Hip Hop, breakbeat single, ‘RUN’ is an adrenaline-pumping, runner’s high song that sublimates good vibes, a spirit of defiance and resolutions overflowing from the group. With lyrics in Thai, Japanese and English, the high-tempo best of the single depicts the “ordinary guys” that BMC values so much as they bet (run) on the once-in-a-lifetime game of life.

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last but not least ...

R&B, Pop

Jean-Luc Lecoutour has always been passionate about music since forever, after a great career as a DJ (Champion of France 19987).

Presently, Jean-Luc Lecoutour, makes his own creations and compositions to share with the public.

This single Vivre illustrates his past and present on a rhythm of the 80s.


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