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Piperlain reveals a heartfelt indie folk sound in their captivating new single, Fate.

Fate Is Out Now Across All Digital Platforms

By mysoundMusicPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Fate, the latest single from Piperlain, a Folk-Rock duo

Fate is the latest single from Piperlain, a Folk-Rock duo based in the Blue Mountains. This enchanting song carries universal messages and follows their EP Shine on You.

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Fireswamp Studios by engineer Josh Schuberth [Josh Pyke, Amber Lawrence, The Wolfe Brothers, Fanny Lumsden], in The Blue Mountains. Produced by Josh Schuberth and Benjamin Knight.

Fate combines indie folk and folktronica with progressive pop-rock sounds, tribal percussion, and Middle Eastern influences. The track showcases Piperlain's cross-genre and eclectic style, drawing upon alternative folk-rock-pop, world music, and percussive elements.

The heartfelt lyrics of Fate tell the story of a new relationship, the excitement of a romantic future, and the anxiety of waiting for someone special to return. The mystical and ambient guitar, along with the rhythmic percussive elements, create an enchanting and organic sound.

The official video clip for Fate was created using AI manipulation, incorporating stunning visual effects to enhance the storytelling.

Benjamin Knight provides an update on Piperlain's activities since our previous interview and shares details about their most recent single, Fate.

Welcome back and congratulations on your newest song release, Fate!

Thanks a lot!

Give me an update on what you have been doing since our last Q&A.

Preparing and working to perfect new songs. Exploring new sound and lyrical approaches and ideas.

How does Fate differ from your previous songs in terms of style and storytelling?

Fate was initially bass driven and has influences that give it a more middle eastern sound than our previous songs. Also the themes are more mystical in terms of lyrical content, overall sound and instrument choices. We've also paired the track with an AI produced video clip that ads to the storytelling in visually stunning way.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind ‘Fate’ and the story it tells?

The story of Fate reflects on our own personal journey of two people having a unique connection, however their lives are pulling them in different directions. Ultimately, and inevitably, there is an underlying force that brings them together.

How do you approach songwriting as a duo? Do you have any specific roles or responsibilities?

We are both singer-songwriters with different musical backgrounds and influences. I do more of the music and arrangement and Bec does more on writing the lyrics and developing the storytelling themes.

How do you ensure that the emotive and passionate vocals in your songs effectively convey the intended emotions to your listeners?

We try to listen and rewrite passages to ensure they convey the emotion we envisage for the songs. We are constantly trying to improve our craft and explore different ways of expression. We workshop our songs together, as well as with producers and we are increasingly collaborating.

What do you value more, creativity, or perfect execution?

Creativity is where it starts, but you need to execute it correctly so that the overall production reflects the original intention and gets the story and emotion across as intended.

What aspects of performing live do you enjoy the most? How do you plan to incorporate 'Fate' into your live performances?

I really enjoy having the crowd energy when things are really grooving. The challenge is working with different venues and ensembles to ensure we can deliver a dynamic performance whether as a duo or full band.

Would you like to travel to other countries to perform your music? If so, what would be your first stop?

Yes, we love exploring different cultures and find inspiration visiting different countries with their own unique cuisine, musical heritage and general way of life.

Really I would like to travel all of the world and not just a single destination. Our music seems to resonate in different areas, and we have listeners across the globe, so it would be great to visit those countries that have really taken to our music, which include North America, Mexico and South America, as well as countries across Western Europe, the UK and parts of Asia.

That's a lot, so a world tour sounds like a future plan!

I’m curious, what would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

I would need some other creative outlet of some sort, possibly games design or video. However, I would probably write music for them, and be back where I am now. 🙂

Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that we can look forward to from Piperlain?

We are working through more songs that form a cohesive story and future release around the theme of relationships and the way they impact our journey through life.

Is there something you would like to say that I did not cover?

I think it is amazing how technology such as AI is progressing both for music and video. We want to spend more energy on developing ideas and content in these mediums and explore the creative possibilities.

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