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New Year's Eve Playlist 2024

Ring In The New Year With My Top Ten

By DaphsamPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read
New Year's Eve Playlist 2024
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

New Year's Eve is days away, and it's time to prepare your playlist. Whether you are staying home or having a party, I have chosen ten songs that will inspire your hips to sway to the beat of the music, reflect on what you've been through this year, and prepare for the next.

"I'm Good (Blue)" (Clean version)

This 2023 release by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha is the ultimate dance song for New Year's Eve. The lyric "I'm good", is a positive way to remind yourself that you are good and all will be alright. The pulsating and upbeat rhythm with just a few lyrics makes this an easy song to sing while dancing.

"Light Me Up"

This uplifting 2023 dance song by Stace Cadet gives the right electric pulse to make your hips bop and jive with the music. The catchy phrase "And then you go light me up ." Let's celebrate that you can light up the room by being yourself. A great theme to have in your heart in the New Year.


This 2022 song is a must for your New Year's Eve playlist. Listening to words of encouragement and comfort and that someone will be there for you is an inspirational way to ring in the New Year.

"Raise Your Glass"

Pink belts out this 2010 song in a dancing rhythm that will have you joining in to raise your glass and toasting to life, love, and staying true to yourself. The pulsating beat will embrace you, and you will find ourself twirling around, waving your raised arms, and singing along. So grab your symbolic glass and toast to a New Year and a new you!

"Have a Little Faith in Me"

From the New Year's Eve 2011 movie soundtrack, Bon Jovi and Leah Michelle sing soulfully together. The New Year's Eve movie was a star-studded movie that followed many different storylines, yet all were somehow connected. The message is clear: "have a little faith in me." Isn't that what we all aspire for, even if we ask it from ourselves?

"New Year's Day"

The song was first released in 1982. A classic song from the Irish band of U2. This song has a lot of different interpretations. My takeaway is that it shows the complexities of a relationship. Relationships come with challenges, whether it's a love interest, family, or friends. A powerful weaving of longing and hope. With piano, guitar, and Bono's voice, it adds to the song's dynamic. A New Year's Eve must as it touches on themes of a fresh start.

"Running Up That Hill"

This version is from Myles, a remix of Kate Bush's song from 1985. A pulsating, energetic beat that inspires me to keep running up that hill of life. The goal for entering the New Year is to conquer the challenges and move forward. What better way to have this song on your New Year's Eve playlist.

"Dance The Night"

Dua Lipa sang this song from the Barbie movie, 2023. It's a move kind of bust a dance kind of song. That's all about dancing and keeping a happy face. Even though life is throwing shit at you, you are gonna continue to dance through it. A genuine encouragement of a song to stay strong while facing adversity.

"Calm Down"

Rema and Selena Gomez released this totally fantastic song in 2022. It is my top song. I must have played it over 1000 times this year. It definitely lands for someone who has anxiety and who gets worked up. To hear the lyrics "calm down" is just a great reminder for me or anyone who struggles with anxiety. The beat is rhythmic and flows. Your hips will quickly move with the music; what a way to calm down, breathe, and start the New Year.

"Hold My Hand"

Lady Gaga sang this emotional song from the movie Top Gun in 2022.This is a song that is very touching and personal for me. This song is about holding onto faith in yourself when the world is falling apart. It's a reflective piece with dramatic beats of drums, electronic guitar, piano, and the magnificent soulful voice of Lady Gaga. You're not alone. "Hold My Hand" lyrics are another incredible song to add to your playlist as you greet the New Year.

As I end this review of my top ten songs for your New Year's Eve playlist,

I hope that one or more land for you. Stirring up the emotions of closing out the New Year and embarking new chapter in your life. Happy New Year.

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  • Mark Graham5 months ago

    'New Years Day' is the one for me even after 40 years.

  • Denise Larkin5 months ago

    I love Lady Gaga! She is my favourite. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tunes. I listened to everyone of them.

  • Omgggg!!! Soooo many of my favourites here!!! Pink, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Bebe Rexha, Lady Gaga!!!

  • Test5 months ago

    "Raise Your Glass" is my personal anthem. I love this list. To be honest, I have never listened to most of these songs, but I enjoyed your descriptions of them, which inspires me to take a listen. Thanks!

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