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by Samuel Noble 4 years ago in electronica
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A new wave of music comes almost with the seasons (basically all the time). If you are someone who eagerly searches for new and refreshing music to jam along with then look no further as I dive into an upcoming artist in the electronic music scene.

 Music by DASHR; Video shot and edited by Urban Circus.

As a listener or musician, you may feel that you're encountering some explorative roadblocks that hinder you from discovering new content on the rise and trending. You're likely disgruntled and tired of the same artists, albums, and playlists you play every time. Perhaps you even wish to explore new musical genres that pique your curiosity and maybe even unleash that "inner kid."

Some of you just want to explore new music in general and need something else. Maybe you need new music to collect for your podcast or radio station. As an avid listener and musician myself, I believe in the power of music and the message it can carry. Certainly, some of you would agree with that. Yes, we have all been in front of these stubborn roadblocks before, and it is likely you would be interested to know more about what I'm hinting at here.

Without further ado, I introduce to the readers a multi-instrumental DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter by the name of DASHR. He's a bright light beam of sound amid the dense, over-saturated electronic music scene, and he's bringing an eclectic mix of genre fusions to the table.

Coming out of Houston, TX, he's already made quite a name for himself in the local scene around town, but now he's beginning to gain traction and expand to other parts of the U.S. and the world. He has already released his first EP called "No Words," an album named "Nightwave", and a few next level singles released in the past six months.

He is also a creator and contributor to the Houston-based art collective and media source, Urban Circus. His noted specialty is bending and blurring the lines between genres by fusing them into a new age sound.

You may be wondering at this point, "What is his sound?" or "Where can I find his music?"

To describe his deep sound in words would not do the deed proper justice of what he creates, but the best way to paint the picture of his sound is with only one word, deep. In some of his songs, he uses various instrumental and mastered effects to achieve this deepened state. In one part of a song, the reader may feel euphoric and in another part, the reader may feel nostalgic.

You may hear particular sounds that you have never heard before or hear a part that sprouts some imagination of a parallel reality that you can actually feel immersed inside of. The reader will feel engulfed in a traveling time capsule of sound that anyone could deem timeless.

You can find his material on the main platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Effectively, you'll be able to search DASHR on any of the platforms above, and you should stumble across his page.

The new wave of contemporary and innovative music is already here, and it is certainly here to stay. Also, it is pointless to be stuck in the old fashioned era of music, and it is pointless to be stuck in the modern era of music. It's great to have a balance, diversity, and a mixture of music because no genre should be shunned away by a false pretense.

What the reader will discover is truly an authentic and unique artist who expresses himself with conscious lyrics and psychedelic chord progressions. These days that is hard to come by with all the usual formulas incorporated in nearly every pop song out there today. On the contrary, you'll find that its a different landscape inside the work of DASHR. I invite the reader to come dive into the stream because the water is at a perfect temperature.


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Samuel Noble

I am an artist, environmentalist, musician, and writer. I enjoy writing about my passions or anything on my mind. Get to know me through each poem and each story, and come with me on this journey to build a conscious community for all.

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