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Hip-Hop Artist Plans to Set It Off

by Samuel Noble 4 years ago in rap
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Jax Yohana

If a musical research specialist were to conduct a nationwide poll asking a few hundred people what the hottest musical genre currently is in the country, about eighty to ninety percent of them would either say EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or hip-hop. The truth is, both hip-hop and rap are at the forefront of modern music, and that will be the case for years to come. The waves of popularity the genre has already generated are astronomical in numbers. This is old news to those who are knowledgeable of the history of hip-hop, but to others who are not, this is a relatively new era of thrilling musical styles and different approaches to creativity.

When you scope out the artists who have been pushing and spearheading a hip-hop revolution, names such as André 3000, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, or NAS boil to the surface as well-respected hip-hop icons. However, there are so many artists and rappers in the millions who are still underground, and they have yet to be discovered by the majority of listeners. Most of them will never become a star-studded celebrity or "blow up" because of a lack of industry connections or a loss in the interest to stay committed to the grind. With that being said, it is so difficult to shine as an artist, or in this case, as a rapper. The music industry has a copious amount of diluted and fabricated pop musicians while also harboring rappers that all say the same things in their nearly identical tracks. The market is simply over-saturated with many artists having a similar image and vibe. However, there is one artist who does not fall flat in that respect, nor is he anything short of spectacular. This mysterious artist that I am alluding to goes by the name of Jax Yohana.

Jax Yohana is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from the Bay Area in California, and at this point in his life, music is what he lives for on a daily basis because it has evolved into his livelihood. For years he was producing records for other artists, but after a while of cooking up beats for rappers, he called it quits and threw up a peace sign to all the rappers he had worked for to start a new fresh project. It was only natural for him to produce and rap all by himself. His style is very eclectic, and the surface has barely been scratched. From high octane club bangers to chill, downtempo hip-hop to some soulful R&B, he can produce and work with just about any artist outside of his musical style, and, of course, being versatile these days is a hidden bonus for any group collaboration. That same aspect is also beneficial because the fanbase broadens by each layer of character added and each genre implemented with style into the project. He is an invigorating and refreshing scent to the game that will further change the complexion of the genre. He does not sound like your typical artist, right? Your suspicions would be quite accurate.

His song, "Bae," released a few months ago, is the featured music video in this article, and I highly encourage you the reader to give it a listen along with his other material such as "Generally Speaking" and "Long Live Jax." You can also find him being featured on a few related records by his genre niche. He is gradually becoming an established artist, so for all the hipsters out there, now is your chance to hear him before he gains the fame. This is an artist you want to keep your eyes on because you may see him on stages at Coachella, SXSW, or even an international stage in the next couple of months. That is a definite understatement.


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Samuel Noble

I am an artist, environmentalist, musician, and writer. I enjoy writing about my passions or anything on my mind. Get to know me through each poem and each story, and come with me on this journey to build a conscious community for all.

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