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Need to know about Top Italian Pop songs of Italian Singer

Pop songs of Italian Singer

By rachael everlyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Need to know about Top Italian Pop songs of Italian Singer

Music and dance have always been an important part of Italian culture. Italian music has changed many times over the past 40 years. Any Italian who was present at that time never forgets the iconic songs of that time. It was the time when wild young stars like Mina, Rita Pavone, and Adriano Celentano first appeared as the young top Italian pop artists sang many pop songs. Italian pop music comprises top singers and performers whose style models were French, cabaret, and jazz.

Who is the Top Italian Pop song Artist of 2021?

In Italy, mostly youngsters like pop music. They usually listen to pop songs by pop artists. These are the Top Italian Pop Artists of 2021.

Laura Pausini:

Laura Pausini was born in Faenza, Italy. She is a five-time Grammy award-winning Italian pop singer, songwriter, TV host, and producer. Moreover, Pausini is the most famous and successful Italian artist worldwide. Yet, she sold over 60 million albums all over the world. Her specialty is her vocals in Spanish. Prominent examples of her vocals are ‘’Entre tu y mil mares’’,’’ La Soledad’’, ‘’Viveme’’, and many others. No doubt, her vocals are nothing less than pleasant, captivant, and smooth. Every time, she shows humbleness, the thousand in concerts, she loudly cheered her fans while smiling with a great deal of respect towards her.

Eros Ramazzotti:

Eros Ramazzotti is one of the top Italian Pop song artists and songwriters, born in the Rome suburb of Cinecitta. He started his musical career as a youngster. In 1984, won the category of ‘’New Voice’’in the popular San Festival for his song ‘’Tera Pomessa’’. Eros released a series of albums which is composed of heartfelt ballads, as well as powerful rock tunes. Moreover, he records her album in Spanish and Italian and sells over 50 million records worldwide.

Anna Tatalgeno:

Anna Tatalgeno is an Italian pop singer who sings many pop songs. Tatalgeno became the youngest top Italian Pop Artist to win the Sanremo Music Youth festival award. After her success, she recorded a famous duet ‘’Un Nuovo bacio’’ with her friend. Her first album was ‘’Attimo x attimo’’. Tatalgeno's most popular album ‘’debut tour’’ contains nine new songs and two covers. Every song on the album has a theme related to women, the most significant one being that of spousal abuse in ‘’Rose Spezzate’’. Tatalgeno must be famous for her maturing voice and great emotional depth in her songs.


Zucchero is an Italian rock singer. He is probably a Top Italian Pop Artist known internationally for the pop song ‘’Senza Una Donna. ”His music is available in Italian, Spanish, English, and it is inspired by gospel, blues, and rock music. Moreover, Zucchero took part in 8 concerts in both Rome and Paris. 

What are different music genres of pop songs followed by Top Italian Pop Artists?

Hip-Hop is one of the most popular music genres, followed by rappers usually. Nowadays, hip-hop has many styles that have impacted the fashion and music industry. Top Italian Pop Artists like Tupac Shakur are leaders of this popular pop song music genre.

Make your playlist super cool by adding amazing pop songs

These are the buzzy, zeitgeisty pop songs music fans can get enough of; each one proudly carries on the pop tradition.

Umbrella’ by Rihanna:

Rihanna has become part of pop's songs over the past two decades thanks to her singular persona and the strength of her powerful voice. Umbrella’ not only introduced the world at large to one of pop's biggest stars, but it also ushered in a pop-culture dynasty and sings well Spanish pop songs lyrics

Firework’ by Katy Perry

Part dance floor anthem, part inspirational power song, ‘Firework’ was Katy Perry’s third release pop song from 2010's ‘Teenage Dream’ album and a huge elevation point in her career. It won MTV’s 2011 VMA for Video of the Year and earned two Grammy nominations.

Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse

Rehab’ was always a great pop song, but following Amy Winehouse’s tragic death in 2011, it’s acquired a hauntingly touching quality, too.

Blinding Lights’ by the Weekend

The Canadian superstar took things to another level with ‘Blinding Lights’, pop song monster that somehow managed to brighten up the summer of Covid, blasting out of cars everywhere as people escaped their bubbles.

Dancing on My Own’ by Robyn

Perhaps the most electrifying breakup anthem ever, ‘Dancing on My Own’ is an undisputed modern masterpiece of pop song. Even if you’ve played it a bazillion times, Robyn’s synth-driven monster will instantly lift your mood. It’s a welcome reminder that however shitty things get, you’ll always find salvation on the dance floor.

Hips Don't Lie by Shakira featuring:

Shakira managed it in 2005 with this colossal reggae ton bop. More than 15 years later, ‘Hips Don't Lie’ still pop song gets everyone on the dance floor, though not everyone manages to echo Wyclef’s ‘Shakira, Shakira’ shootout quietly on the beat.

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