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Solid wood refinishing and installation – A Guide!

Guide of Solid wood refinishing and installation

By rachael everlyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Solid Hardwood Flooring Vs Engineered Hardwood Flooring – A closer Look

When we talk about wood floorings. Two of the most preferred options appear for us that are solid hardwood flooring or Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Talking about the durability and quality, people need to understand specifications and difference between both of it before opting for final choice.

Solid hardwood flooring is entirely wood which is 5/8” to 3/4 “thick. Due to its all wood solid nature, this type of hardwood flooring is refinished several times as well as sanded. Solid wood refinishing is much easily doable than the other types of wood floorings. Although solid hardwood flooring is not prone to humidity and is not preferred for bottommost basements.

Then comes Engineered hardwood flooring also goes side by side solid wood flooring as it gives an elite and comfortable look to your home. One element that engineered hardwood flooring lacks is refinishing and it can only be sanded and refinished probably once or twice its lifetime. Reason behind this factor is its underlying layers which are glued.

Solid Wood Refinishing Techniques

Solid wood comparatively stands first in the ranking of most expensive wood floorings among all variants. Due to its all-wood nature that makes it the best choice with innumerable perks, solid wood is a luxurious flooring that adds to the value of home making it look fully aesthetic and retro. People who prefer solid presumably are from elite class due to its expensive quotation.

As compared to installation, solid wood refinishing is not considered to be that complex for people as it is during installation process. Anyone can opt for the Do It Yourself method of it. All you need is consistency to complete the whole floor and stain polish which is the main ingredient. Depending upon the thickness of the wood applied to your floor, refinishing is done.

Best thing about solid wood is that it is a onetime investment and can cut the cost of maintenance. Market price for Solid wood refinishing can go up to 3USD-8USD per square foot that means the bigger the house will be, the more the cost of refinishing will be incurred if done by a professional. Talking of professional service, Gazelle Resident Flooring and Countertops deliver the pocket-friendly services to their clients with the best practices of solid wood refinishing and installation as well.

That totally depends on the preference of people, whether they like solid wood refinishing to be done by a professional or by themselves. The procedure goes like:

• First, one needs to clear the area of the surface in order to do refinishing with no interruption. Remove all furniture from the particular room and make it empty.

• Then, if any damage is here on the surface of your floor, it is to be handled with repairing attitude. Wood can get boreholes and dugouts that needs to be treated and filled with chunks of wood to smoothen the surface.

• Next, sand is spread all over the floor to prepare it for the next step which is buffer. But this step is considered to be the complex one as it requires the use of drum sander, if not a person does not have grip of that it could ruin the floor and create a permanent damage. Professional assistance is needed here which as mentioned earlier, is provided by Gazelle Resident at very low budget cost.

• Buffer is then done to get rid of sand particles and is a very vital step in refinishing your floor.

• After that, when the floor is free from all kinds of particles that could come in your way, now is time to apply stain and add colors into the stain however you like your floor to look. Note that harmful material used I these chemicals restricts one to take proper preventions while doing it. Staining is done by a sponge or soft cloth that gives a smooth texture to the floor. Let it dry for at least a day.

• Finally, sealer is applied to lock the stain and keep the floor luminous and damage free for a long time. Product that could be used for sealing the floor are natural oil finishing or finishing wax.

Solid wood Refinishing and Installation Cost:

Globally the quotation for solid wood installation is 120USD to 160USD per square foot. That cost is a combined figure of material purchase and labor service charges. Gazelle Resident works in a budget given by the clients by never compromising on the quality of material and exceptional services provided by them. Be it the solid wood refinishing and installation, Gazelle is a one stop solution provider for both.

Refinishing as discussed earlier, goes up to 3USD to 8USD. Although refinishing the floor is the best option rather than having a new one.


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