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Best Hair Extension in Lexington

Hair Extension in Lexington

By rachael everlyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Best hair Extension in Lexington

When it comes to hair each and every girl has some amusing stories about how once they got a haircut so bad that it makes them cry a river. Very often you would encounter a girl in a very bad mood because she is having a bad hair day. Hair is not just a feature, for girls their hair is their identity, their most cherished and loved attribute of their personality. You can look at a girl’s hair and can judge what sort of personality she has. A good hair day is a source of confidence and reassurance. These are one of the few reasons why hair and salon industries are growing day by day and more and more people are into hair treatments and personal grooming.

Being a girl, one of the hardest decisions ever to make is how to choose a salon. Based on the past experiences I personally am very reluctant to step into a new salon and try their hair treatments and products. There are so many options to try and not every option would give you satisfying results. Sometimes the hair cut or treatment that you have been wanting for so long can turn out to be a disastrous decision to begin with. It can also be the other way around. First thing that you need to do before trying out something new is to do research. Get reviews from people who are more into this and get treatments more often whether it is hair extension or hair dye or treatments like protein, perm or keratin. More specifically, when you crave for hair extensions, living in Lexington, you need to know where to get the best hair extension in Lexington from.

Need for Hair Extension

Hair extensions can be your best friend if you want to create volume in your hair. Hair extension can be used for three reasons

a. You have short hair and you want to have long hair

b. You have thin hair and you want to volumize it

c. You have curly hair and you want to wear dead straight silky hair, or vice versa

By getting hair extensions you can have long hair without the hassle of caring and nurturing your hair with extensive hair care routines and expensive hair products. Although having healthy and luscious hair is every girl’s dream, who now has the time to put in so much effort? In today’s hectic routines and robotic life, necessary errands seem so time consuming and hectic, so I figured out a simple and easy solution would be to get a hair extension. Hair experts will guide you throughout the process of deciding which extension you should choose and how to take care of it. They will educate you regarding the best hair extension in Lexington, as Lexington is a hub for hair artists.

An important concern arises; which hair extension should I wear?

Hair extension is the solution to most girls’ hair problems but with this solution arises a whole lot of other problems like which hair extensions are good? How many types of hair extensions and where to get good hair extensions from?

So, to ease your mind, I have a few suggestions that might help you. In this tedious process of gathering information because hair as I have mentioned before is one the most prominent features. To figure out which way your hair would look better is our major goal today. Proper hairstyle always completes your look.

Before I tell you, what are the types of hair extensions we can get, I am going to tell you about a place I found in Lexington, by far the best hair salon I have set foot into in a long while. If you live anywhere near Lexington, Kentucky, you need to visit Cha Cha’s hair salon for an experience worth remembering.

Cha Cha’s have special expertise in hair-cuts, hair dyes and obviously the one that we are talking about: the best hair extension in Lexington.

Types of hair extensions:

We have figured out the one stop for all our hair care problems, now we need to know what the options available for extensions are. So, these are the options that all of us can go for.

1. Tape in extensions

2. Sew-in extensions

3. Beaded weft

1. Tape in extension

Tape in extensions is easy to apply and gives you an effortless look. They give your hair a thick volumized look. Another great advantage of choosing tape in extensions is that you can take them out any time you want if you feel like they are the best option for you. As the name suggests, the tape in extensions stays in place with the help of medical grade tape which is almost invisible and gives your hair a natural look.

2. Sew in extension

Sew in hair extensions are more of a long-term solution to your hair length issues. This type of hair extensions is directly sewed in your scalp with your natural hair with a standard sewing method with a needle and thread... One thing that you should be aware of before getting sews in extension is that they can be harmful for people who have naturally thin hair. They can be a cause of discomfort so it should be an option for people only with thick hair.

3. Beaded- weft extension

Beaded wefts are a type of hair extensions that are sewed together by a machine in the form of a curtain that can be covered around the hair to give it a volumized look.


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