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Motortaksi: Defying Musical Limits and Unleashing Innovation

Motortaksi is an exceptionally talented electronic producer from Turkey.

By mysoundMusicPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 5 min read

Motortaksi, an exceptionally talented electronic producer from Turkey, embarks on a captivating musical journey that transports us through a multitude of mesmerizing landscapes within the realm of jazz.

With his distinct electronic touch, he skillfully intertwines the intricate tapestry of jazz, resulting in a harmonious fusion that transcends both time and space.

Motortaksi's music beckons us to delve into the depths of his artistic vision, where the boundaries between genres become blurred and new sonic frontiers materialize. Each note and beat guides us on a sonic expedition, revealing the limitless possibilities of music and leaving us enchanted, craving for more.

Whether you find solace in the soul-stirring melodies or find yourself entranced by the pulsating electronic elements, Motortaksi's music stands as a testament to the boundless power of creativity and innovation within the realm of jazz.

  • Album: Professor Albertine
  • 9 SONGS • 16 MINUTES • OCT 31 2023

Motortaksi's highly anticipated album, "Professor Albertine," is a captivating musical journey that will leave listeners craving for more.

Kicking off the album is the enchanting track "Smooth and Reddie," a mesmerizing blend of smooth grooves and infectious beats that sets the tone for what's to come.

As the album unfolds, it continues to impress with tracks like "Butler," "Professor Albert," "Balbec," "Mexican Director," "Albertine," "Seafoam," "Drum Solo," and "Inheritance," each offering a unique and captivating musical experience.

Released on October 31, 2023, this album by Motortaksi features a total of 9 songs, each carefully crafted to showcase the artist's immense talent and creativity.

With a total duration of 16 minutes, this musical masterpiece is bound to leave a lasting impression on its listeners.

Published under the label ℗© 2023 Motortaksi, "Professor Albertine" is a testament to the artist's dedication and passion for creating exceptional music.

  • EP: The Engineer in the Sauna
  • 5 SONGS • 15 MINUTES • SEP 27 2023

In the midst of our busy lives, we often find solace in moments of tranquility and self-reflection, This is captured in the series of five songs titled "Engineer In Sauna" by Motortaksi. Each song, spanning a total of 15 minutes, takes us on a journey through the thoughts and actions of an engineer as he navigates his time in a sauna.

The first track, "He's Thinking," sets the tone for introspection. As the engineer sits amidst the steamy atmosphere, his mind wanders into deep contemplation. Thoughts about life's purpose and meaning fill his consciousness, prompting him to question his own existence.

As the second track, "He Realized," begins to play, we witness a pivotal moment in the engineer's journey. A sudden realization dawns upon him - an epiphany that alters his perspective forever. This transformative experience serves as a catalyst for change and growth.

In "He's Drying Himself," we observe the engineer physically preparing himself for what lies ahead. The act of drying oneself symbolizes shedding old layers and embracing new beginnings. It signifies leaving behind past experiences and stepping into an unknown future with renewed vigor.

With "He's Getting Dressed," we witness the engineer donning fresh attire - a metaphorical representation of adopting new roles and responsibilities. He prepares himself to face challenges head-on with confidence and resilience.

Finally, as "He Left" plays its final notes, we bid farewell to this enigmatic engineer who has embarked on a new chapter in his life. His departure signifies closure but also leaves room for endless possibilities.

Motortaksi's musical composition beautifully captures these transitional moments within each song. The melodic tones evoke emotions ranging from contemplation to anticipation while seamlessly guiding us through this narrative arc.

Through the engineer's contemplation, realization, preparation, and departure, we are reminded of the importance of embracing change and embarking on new adventures. This musical masterpiece serves as a poignant reminder that life is a series of transitions, each offering an opportunity for growth and personal evolution

  • Album: Cut
  • 9 SONGS • 24 MINUTES • AUG 28 2023

"Cut" is a thought-provoking and visually stunning short film directed by Motortaks i. Released on August 28, 2023, this nine-song masterpiece takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions in just 24 minutes.

The film begins with "Phone Call," a brief but impactful introduction that sets the tone for what's to come. The haunting melody creates an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue, leaving viewers eager for more. As the film progresses, we are introduced to various characters and their unique stories.

In "A Photographer," we witness the inner struggles of an artist trying to capture the essence of life through their lens. The use of light and shadow in this segment is particularly striking, emphasizing the photographer's quest for meaning and beauty.

Next comes "Lav And Diaz," a mesmerizing exploration of love and connection. Through poetic imagery and delicate melodies, motortaksi invites us into an intimate world where two souls intertwine.

One of the most captivating segments is "Kleptomaniac." Clocking in at nearly ten minutes, this piece delves deep into the psyche of a troubled individual grappling with their compulsions. The raw emotion portrayed through music and visuals leaves a lasting impact on viewers.

As we reach "An Anxious Animal" and "An Anxious Otter," we are confronted with themes of anxiety and vulnerability. These segments serve as reminders that even in our darkest moments, there is still hope for healing and growth.

Finally, "Moments From An Analysis" brings everything full circle by offering glimpses into each character's journey. This segment serves as a reflection on life's complexities, reminding us that every individual has their own story worth telling.

In conclusion, motortaksi's "Cut" is a remarkable cinematic experience that captivates audiences from start to finish. Through its powerful storytelling techniques and evocative music, it explores universal themes such as love, anxiety, and the human condition. This short film is a testament to the power of art in conveying emotions and connecting people across boundaries.

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