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Miu Haiti Unleashes New Album "Unphased"

Miu Haiti gives fans an eight-track gift for the Holidays!

By Meikhel PhilogenePublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Hilton Auguste (@mekitwokht)

By: Jessica Hegel

Milwaukee, WI (Vocal) 12/15/2023 — Singer-Songwriter and producer Miu Haiti has officially released her sophomore album, “Unphased.” This eight-track album encompasses a variety of different genres, emotions, and vibes. Whatever your music taste is, this album has a song for you.

Miu Haiti is a force to be reckoned with. Music has been apart of Miu Haiti’s life for as long as she can remember. Her music can be best described as genre-bending, and she loves to pull inspiration from various genres and sounds. Miu Haiti is multilingual, and enjoys composing and singing in other languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Creole. This unique ability allows her to expand her audience on a more global scale. Miu Haiti’s star is only rising as she continues to gain popularity, collaborate with other talented artists around the world, and release new and exciting music.

“Unphased” is Miu Haiti's first album since 2014, and she brought the heat. “Unphased” begins with "Chocolate Candy," a seductive and moody song that is all about locking eyes with someone in a club. It’s about the feeling that gives you and the energy that can be felt in the room, whether it be good, bad, loving, or jealous. The second track is "Is This Love," an electric song with a more up-tempo vibe. “Is This Love” is about the difficulties and obstacles that come with love. The beginning is always great, but the real tests start down the line, and it can be hard to navigate at times. Miu Haiti’s beautiful lyrics mixed with her angelic vocals really get you in your feels.

The third track is self-produced and called, "If I Call." It starts out with peaceful guitar strumming followed by light vocalizations. This song is much slower than the others so far and also more stripped-down. There’s a sense of rawness and vulnerability laced in this song that is refreshing to the ears. “If I Call” is about the hard part of love, the breakups, and the damage it does to your heart. With all highs come lows, and this song really highlights that in a beautiful way. The fourth track titled, “Flip It,” is a completely different vibe, and features techno and futuristic musical elements. “Flip It” is a motivational anthem that is all about finding and owning your power. It’s about knowing what makes you, you and never being ashamed of that. The fifth track titled, “Real Ones,” is another upbeat song that is all about knowing who your true people are and only surrounding yourself with the best. Miu Haiti really goes off on this song specifically, and you can hear the power in her voice - she means what she says.

“In ‘Em Face” is the sixth song on “Unphased” and is full of sass. The attitude in Miu Haiti’s voice really makes this song stand apart from the others on the album. The seventh track, "Filon," is performed in Miu Haiti’s native language, Creole. Miu Haiti’s ability to perform in a variety of different languages really helps set her apart from other artists. Finally, the eighth and final song on the album is "Tool Late." This eclectic Pop song does a great job of pulling the entire album together. “Too Late” has a heavy beat to it and features Hip-Hop/Rap elements that we haven’t seen yet.

“Unphased” is set up in a way that tells the story of Miu Haiti’s personal experiences. The vulnerability shown by Miu Haiti in her music is what makes her great, and her unique sound is refreshing. Love is not easy, but whatever stage of a relationship you are in currently has a song to go with it thanks to Miu Haiti. Go on a journey of love and stream Miu Haiti’s new album “Unphased” today!

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