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Loona Has Never Had A Sound

Loona's sound is not having a sound

By ShinxPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Ever since the So What era, I have seen many comments along the lines of “Loona lost their sound” and as an Orbit, someone who has been following Loona ever since 2016 I have to ask, what sound? Because Loona has never had a sound.

From the start of the predebut project, BlockBerry Creative wanted Loona to be a group that covers many different sounds, styles, and concepts. They have never had a set concept or sound, and it has been very clear from the very beginning, so I truly do not understand what people mean when they say “Loona lost their sound” when they have never stuck to a sound or concept. Maybe I am biased, well I am, Loona is my favorite group ever, but in my opinion after following them for five years they have never had a set sound or concept.

Let’s just take a look at the solos that are all very different from one another.

Heejin was the first girl who came out with “Vivid” a retro, artsy, and colorful concept and a funky and jazzy sound with lots of horns in the background. All about being bored of life and wanting more color in it.

Hyunjin was next with a soft and heart warming ballad called “Around You” It is about wanting to talk to her crush and be honest with her feelings, and not hiding anymore. The concept of the music video shows those emotions of wanting to be honest but hiding away, and feels so much like a drama.

Haseul solo was also a ballad, but unlike Hyunjin’s “Around You”, it takes a more fantastical and whimsical approach to the ballad. It also has opera and classical music elements in it, and feels like a song that could be sung in a disney film like Frozen.

Yeojin solo, “Kiss Later” also feels like it could be part of a disney film, but this time it is more loud, exciting, and colorful. It is a super cute and bouncy song about waiting to kiss someone and not being pressured by your partner or anybody. A message about consent that is also very playful and theatrical, and definitely one of my favorite solos.

Vivi traveled back in time with her sweet pop song, “Everyday I Love You” which is a cute love song that is inspired by 90’s pop. It is also dreamy and definitely could be a song for some cheesy teen rom-com.

Kimlip brought in a more sexier and elegant tone with her song “Eclipse”. It is an R&B dance track that is seductive and charismatic, and is straightforward with her feelings of liking someone and being honest.

Jinsoul on the other hand brought a banger with “Singing In The Rain”. Her solo is straight up a future bass track that goes at a fast pace and has an edm drop in the chorus. Very confident, cool, and energetic song.

Choerry then completely disregards genres and makes her own in “Love Cherry Motion”. The verses and first chorus is a bubblegum summer song that is refreshing to the ears, but then after the chorus there is a heavy EDM drop and an electronic dance bridge that sounds like you’re dancing in the club.

Yves solo “New” is a fun song with synthwave elements to it. Blockberry says the genre is soultronic, and I can definitely hear that with the mix of future bass, 80’s, and electric dance. With themes of being yourself and writing your own destiny, “New” is a bop.

Chuu solo "Heart Attack" is a fast paced love song that is energetic, jazzy, and sung with a lot of intense emotions. It also has this Christmas feeling to it, which makes sense because it was released in December. Also the entire music video is Chuu trying to win Yves over, which is so adorable and so pure.

Gowon's song and music video “One & Only” has a bit of a gothic element to it. It has a unique and haunting beat, that is hollow and a bit high pitched. It is melodic, sweet, yet chilling and has an amazing message about self love.

Olivia Hye, the final girl with the solo “Egoist” is a darker, electronic song also about self love and finding herself. The concept is also a bit edgy, a little creepy, but also badass and so cool and charismatic.

Every single solo is different from each other, and all the subunits are different from each other concept and sound wise. Loona ⅓ “Love & Live” concept was about school girls on a track team, and one of the girls is a robot who wants to feel alive. It is an innocent pop song about youth and school life. Then “Sonatine” was a classical ballad song that was also released with the side track “Rain 51dB” that goes full throttle in 90s soft pop.

Odd Eye Circle debuted with “Girl Front” a fun summer song then came back with a mature dance track called “Sweet Crazy Love’ Then with YYXY, their song “Love4eva” was a straight up bubblegum pop song paired with dark academia aesthetic.

All throughout their predebut projects, all the subunits and solos have been different and not one sounds the same, and still their title tracks have no similarity. “Hi High” was a fast paced bubblegum song, “Butterfly” was an elegant electronic song, “So What” is an experimental track with a grand bass and girl crush elements, “Why Not” is a teen crush song that is has an uptempo electronic instrumental. Then their latest “Paint The Town” is a straight up bollywood song that sounds like Loona is going to the battlefield.

The only title tracks that are similar are “So What” and “Why Not” because it was produced by the same man. Even then “So What” is more aggressive and in your face, while “Why Not” is more colorful and fun.

Loona sound is not having a sound. Loona’s concept is not having a concept. They have always tried many different music genres and styles, and never really cemented a certain sound. From bubblegum pop, to synthwave, to bollywood, Loona has never had a sound in my opinion. They have always tried a variety of genres and concepts from the very beginning and is one of the main reasons why I love Loona. Maybe you disagree, but Loona has never had a sound in my opinion and from day one been experimenting with so many genres, making them such an amazing and fascinating group.


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