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Yungblud Third Album, "Yungblud" Kind of Sucks

by Shinx 3 months ago in song reviews / celebrities / bands / alternative / album reviews
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Yungblud newest album was...not it.

When Yungblud announced his third album, “Yungblud” I was looking forward to it. I’ve been a fan of him since “Tin Pan Boy”, and liked his previous projects, especially his second album, “Weird”. I was defending that album day after day, night after night, because it is his best album and was one of my favorites of 2020. So of course I checked in on Yungblud's recent album and…it’s not good.

Listening to this album for the first time was like when your child who is an A+ student and part of all the school clubs is put in detention for taking a major shit in the middle of class. Ok maybe that is a little harsh, but that was honestly my first reaction cause I was very confused about how we got from “Weird” to…this.

It was all wrong when it was revealed that “The Funeral” was the opener of the album. That song is ok, it’s a cute little fun song, but that’s about it. It feels like a filler song instead of a promotional single. It doesn’t get me all that excited about the rest of the album and setups the project as lukewarm.

Then comparing it to his other opener like “Teresa” it’s just such a downgrade. “Teresa” felt very earnest and kept building and building up, actually getting me excited for the rest of the album while “The Funeral” falls flat as an opener.

Honestly, comparing this album to “21st Century Liability” and “Weird”, it feels like Yungblud kind of went backward, and I don’t feel much emotion from the selection of songs. Both “Weird” and “21st Century Liability” had some bangers and emotionally powerful songs, but there is none of that in “Yungblud”. It’s like everything I enjoyed about his work and previous songs he removed from this album.

Even with not comparing it to his other work, and just looking at the album for what it is, it is not that memorable. Only four songs out of the 12 stick out to me: “Memories”, “Sex Not Violence”, “Sweet Heroine” and “The Boy In The Black Dress”. The rest of the songs are ok. They are cute, and a little fun, but it’s just music you put on in the background while you’re cleaning the house. It’s not like I hate any of the songs, I mean if they come on I wouldn’t skip them, but they are not songs you listen to and get transported into a different world. It’s just a cute little album, that’s about it.

Regarding the four songs that did stick out to me, I really do enjoy them but there are still some issues with them. Such as “Sex Not Violence”, it is one of my favorites off the album but it sounds way too similar to a Cold Play song. Particularly, “Viva La Vida”, the chorus is very similar to each other, and it just does not sound like a Yungblud song. I appreciate it when artists try new sounds, but this song has nothing distinctive and feels like a different artist is singing this. There is nothing about this song that makes it feel like a Yungblud song.

Then there is “Memories” which I actually adore and it’s honestly one of his best collaborations, but I feel like Willow made this song her own. Willow outshines Yungblud on his own song and that is kind of embarrassing. Then I hate how the ending feels abrupt like we could have gotten another verse or gone into the chorus one more time. Still, it’s my favorite song on the album. The chorus is amazing, love the verses, and Willow really takes this song up a whole notch.

“Sweet Heroine” and “The Boy In The Black Dress” are also at the top for me because those songs actually feel emotional and sincere to me. Still, it’s not his best songs, it’s just really good compared to the rest of the album.

“Yungblud” as a whole is a bit disappointing, especially as a fan of Yungblud. The album feels a bit lukewarm, only a few songs pop out, and it’s just very lackluster compared to his other projects. Maybe it will grow on me. For now, though it’s just a cute album, and I wouldn’t skip any of the songs if they came on shuffle, but it’s just not an album I would actively reach for.


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