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Liv Hanna Unleashes Eclectic New Song

Liv Hanna returns with a touching new single, "Back To Hell."

By Meikhel PhilogenePublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Trinity Nguyen (@trinitynguyenn)

By: Karly Ramnani

Los Angeles, CA (Vocal) 06/03/2023 - Given her adventurous, raw songwriting, plus an impressive range and croon-like vocals, it’s hard to believe that Liv Hanna is only twenty years old. Since achieving breakthrough success in 2020 with “New You,” Liv Hanna has continued to grow. The last couple of years saw a string of single releases from the rising star including “Advice To Yourself,” “Self Made,” and most recently, the haunting masterpiece, “Buried Alive.” ”Back To Hell” serves as her first release of 2023, and it lies in the same vein as much of her previous work. This new song puts her vulnerability, along with her thought-provoking penning, on full display.

An eclectic Dark Pop track with elements of Indie and Underground, “Back To Hell” expertly tackles a variety of mature themes. The self-written, transparent lyrics dive into mental health, authentically detailing Liv Hanna’s personal experience in the topic.

Tenderly yet unapologetically, she sings of coping, grieving, solitude, and depression. Liv Hanna explains: "'Back To Hell' is a reaction to loss and rejection. It is feeling isolated yet somehow finding comfort in your isolation. It’s sometimes easier to stay in that state until you have the energy and support to come back out of it."

The track draws a comparison between Hell and the headspace of someone struggling with mental health issues. Liv Hanna comments on such an extreme state of struggling where it seems easier to feel numb than anything else. Liv Hanna reflects: “It’s frustrations, negative thoughts, and self-destruction. It is feeling isolated, yet somehow finding comfort in your isolation because it’s easier. It’s not talked about enough, but I know that sometimes when we are alone, and we sit with ourselves, rumination, regret, anxieties, or whatever it may be takes over. And, we often don’t ask for help. ‘Back To Hell’ is a reminder [that] if you are going through something, you are not alone.”

Growing up as an only child in a musically inclined family, Liv Hanna has been perfecting her craft since a young age. The rising prodigy started vocal and piano lessons at six years old, singing an advanced Italian aria at her first recital. This classical foundation, as well as her New York roots, influenced her brief stint in musical theater. She participated in various shows and intensive programs, including the prestigious A Class Act NY. As a former member of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, she performed throughout Europe and at Carnegie Hall.

However, after discovering her passion for songwriting at eleven years old, she realized that this creative path into the industry was meant for her. Her ability to quickly act on any inspiration, through a basement recording studio in her childhood home, undoubtedly fueled her artistic development in her early years. She followed in her dad’s footsteps and earned a music degree in college. Now primarily based in Miami, Florida, Liv Hanna is a full-time songwriter and recording artist. When she’s not working on the next powerful ballad that will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings, she can be found at a thrift store, beach picnic, farmers market, or soul cycling class.

In its emotional and expressive qualities, Liv Hanna’s music easily connects with audiences and informs her commanding stage presence. The somber characteristics of “Back To Hell” in particular are reminiscent of Gracie Abrams and Lizzy McAlpine. Her earliest influences include the song, “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” by Fergie, the album, “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac, and her dad’s Alicia Keys’ CD. Her sound is shaped by the genres of Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Classical, blending several styles of music and refusing to be put into a box.

“Back To Hell” serves as the title track of Liv Hanna’s upcoming EP, due around October or November of this year. So far, she has laid a strong foundation ahead of the project’s release as she continues to build a loyal fanbase. This is truly just the beginning for Liv Hanna, so make sure to keep your eyes on her name!

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