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Laszlo Lang: Upcoming Musician of the future

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By Kelly WrightPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Who is Laszlo

This world is filled with many talents, many different genres, sounds, instruments, cultures, and experiences. ETMG’s own Laszlo Lang is a name that the world will definitely remember. Lang will be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry with his guitar skills and songwriting ability. He makes pop and rock music, but he does not want to be put in a box because his creativity is endless. Growing up in Woodstock, New York, at 19 years old, he is destined to take the path he is on. He has been playing music and performing his entire life. He can play the Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, and he can sing. His primary instrument is the guitar, and he has been playing it for over a decade. He has progressed so much as a musician that he has developed an ear for perfect pitch. Suppose you look at his content on Instagram. In that case, many things are astounding, starting with the clip of him playing the guitar behind his head, an acoustic performance of “Cold Shoulder” with JohnnyBae, and the content of his last concert he attended in Tempe Arizona (Content will be posted down below). Laszlo has achieved the 3 facets of the music trifecta, songwriting, singing, and production. Woodstock will not be disappointed in the legacy that this musician is building. It makes us wonder, is there more talent that lies in the tiny town of Woodstock?

His Musical Path

With this artist on the rise, he has been developing a unique sound in the past couple of years. Laszlo has three projects out now on Soundcloud. In 2019, “Say Goodbye” was released. These four tracks were a surprise and showed the versatility of him. Going from a folk genre to pop and a tiny bit of rock. This project was inspired by pain and heartbreak from the sound of this project and the mellow tunes. His second project was named “Lavender”. This debut album was inspired by the feeling that he went through with a person who was very special to him at a point in this life. Unfortunately, this story ended in heartbreak and he decided to name this project after her favorite color. His Third project is named “Ultraviolet (Side A).” This tape consists of instrumentals and chill vibes that anyone can rock out to. This tape is very different from most because he has only given the world one side of the tape. Almost as if this project were a physical tape. The real question is, when is he going to release the other side? Laszlo has much more on the way. We have had a glimpse of his talent on stage with Kelfromvisions, performing a live version of Kels's unreleased rock song. He attended the High Tolerance concert in Tempe, Arizona, at “Aura'' with D Savage (Footage of the show will be down below). Sources say that he intends to work on the projects with multiple ETMG (Extraterrestrial Music Group) and many more artists. On June 18th, 2021, he is performing at The Artisans Bar and Gallery, hosted by HeatindaCity. The show is being held in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are interested in attending this event, the link will be down below. This show is much anticipated; you are not gonna want to miss this one. Tickets are limited.

New Project On The Way

Laszlo Lang has been working diligently to fine-tune his music. Upon officially signing with Extraterrestrial Music Group, he has announced that he will be releasing his new album this fall. What will he name it? Side B or a whole new project of its own. I am excited to see what Laszlo has to bring to the table in the future. There is a bright future for this music group, and the wave is only growing.


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