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KRNB songs you need to add to your playlist.

Top 10 underrated KRNB songs you should listen to right now.

By ProblemTeaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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As the Korean music industry is growing, more Korean artists are going international and adopting different styles of music worldwide. Unlike K-pop, KRNB seems to be less popular internationally. So here are some of the top 10 underrated KRNB songs that need to become more known around the world.

10. COCO BOTTLE by Penomaco

This song feels unreal, it's a bop and an ASMR lowkey. The instrumental is one of the best I've ever heard in most KRNB songs, the melody, staccato and sound effects (soda carbonation, bubbles, ice, clinks, etc.) instill a lively experience in the listener. I recommend listening to this song on max volume with headphones on alone.


9. Cinema by Zion T.

An innovative twist on bossa nova and RNB. My favorite thing about this song was the background vocals and guitar, this gave it an eternal feel. Seriously, I was lifted off my feet the moment I pressed the play button. I highly recommend listening to this song and the rest of Zion T's discography.


8. It's You by Sam Kim feat. ZICO

Chill and heartwarming. Imagine laying on a hammock, the warm afternoon sun beaming on your face as you gingerly swing back and forth as this song plays through your earbuds. Pure bliss. It's a must-listen for those who want to lay back, relax, and watch the world go by.


7. Laputa by DPR Live

CERTIFED BOP. DPR Live is literally incapable of making any skips. This song is one of my personal, underrated favorites it's catchy, brisk, upbeat, and will get stuck in your head.


6. doodle by Punchnello feat. Yerin Baek

Punchnello is mostly known for his hardcore rap songs like "Absinthe" and "Boiling Point" but this time he took a different approach while still having the same flow and style. "doodle" gives off a soft and comforting vibe that emphasizes the certain hardships of romantic relationships. The guitar, piano, and hook are some of my favorite parts of the song.


5. Paradise by MILLIC feat. FANXY CHILD

This masterpiece completely altered my brain chemistry and changed the way I view music as a whole. Many of my beloved KRNB artists were featured on the track (DEAN, Crush, etc.). The beat's clear, futuristic, and overall pleasing to the ears. Besides the beat, the message of the song really speaks to me, which was the desire to escape reality. 10 out of 10!


4. Jenga by Heize feat. Gaeko

An ambitious jazzy take on modern KRNB. "Jenga" reminds me of one of those film-noir aesthetics from the 1920's. This song deserves more hype and recognition. Overall, it's visually and audibly pleasing, and just a beautiful song in general.


3. Ibiza by Crush

Don't need a ticket or VISA to Ibiza

Every time I hear a snippet of this song, I feel like jumping up and dancing. It's nothing too extravagant or wild, it's simple which is one of the unique things about this. Crush uses tropical house music to make the build the immaculate vibes incorparated into this song.


2. Winterfall by DPR IAN

You got me carelessly looking so cautious

Bro was COOKING. From beginning to end this song feels like a whole adventure. DPR Ian is an artist who's known for the gothic undertones he incorporates in his music, which makes him stand out from most KRNB artists. Strong emotions run through this song into the listener, It makes me think of the cold, the night, and the snow.


1. Whatever You Do by Crush

This song makes me feel like waltzing in a ballroom, it's that good. One of the best-hidden gems in Crush's discography. The fusion of classical music and hip-hop gives this song an elegant yet fresh aesthetic to it. This has been one of my favorite songs for a long time, once you listen to it you won't stop.

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