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A List of My Top Ten Songs That Are in the K-Pop Genre to Lift My Spirits

K-pop is a genre that is the generalized term for Korean pop. Although there are such things as K-rock and K-indie and such. But overall a lot of people generalize it as K-pop. And like western music, there are certain songs that would make someone happy, sad, angry, etc. And because K-pop is my favorite genre... here are the top ten songs that I listen to so I could feel better. Please note, this list is compiled of songs that personally make me feel better.

  1. BTS - "I'm Fine"If you read the review that I had for this song. You actually would already know that this is one of the songs that makes me smile automatically when I listen to it. So if you want to read about my explanation for that, please refer to this post, since I don't want to repeat myself on it.
  2. FT Island - "Severely"This song is probably more considered K-rock rather than K-pop but it's still part of the genre as a whole. Overall this song is really emotional to the point that it can help one feel better. And for me, I actually get really into the song and start singing it. Although my manager at work tried to say I was listening to country and I shook my head like a child at her.
  3. BTS - "Anpanman"Yes I did put another BTS song on here. But I can't really help it because I love this song that it's my alarm for when I wake up and in general. I'm actually planning to write a post on this song itself in the future, but the song is really catchy and amazing. It is also really easy to dance along to.
  4. BLACKPINK - "Boombayah"This one actually reminds me a bit of how the group 2NE1 debuted and for me that's a bit of nostalgia because 2NE1 was the first female K-Pop group that I really was interested in. And BLACKPINK is supposedly the next generation of 2NE1. Overall, the song where Lisa starts rapping, it makes me get all hyped up and I feel better after. I don't really play this song as much though so whenever I do play it to get my spirits up, it really is a pleasant treat. The song also has a bit of a tribal vibe as well.
  5. Super Junior - "Lo Siento (featuring Leslie Grace)"Alright this song is actually from the first K-pop group I've ever loved and that is Super Junior. This particular song though has some Latin vibes and features the lovely Leslie Grace. Because of the Latin feel, I actually have a bit of nostalgia with this song as well because all I would listen to when I was in high school, for the most part, was Latin songs. It's also a beautiful collaboration between two beautiful languages that I love. It brings a smile to my face whenever I'm listening to it. (Little tidbit... I'm actually listening to this song while I'm writing this post.)
  6. BIGBANG - "Fantastic Baby"Ahhhh where do I begin with this song other than it's one of the songs that was featured in Glee that wasn't Psy's "Gangnam Style." I guess I could say that this song is pretty much one of the staple K-pop songs. And despite the music video of this song being utterly strange and I feel as if someone had a bit too much of something... I love this song that it makes me want to get up and start dancing my heart out.
  7. H.O.T. - "Candy"Yes it's one of the songs from the first generation. Although I was more of a fan of Shinhwa rather than H.O.T., this song was overall performed by a majority of K-pop artists. And from what I know, a lot of people would get up to at least sing this at karaoke and dance along to it. But that's probably just me because I definitely always do.
  8. Jinusean - "Tell Me One More Time"This song is just full of nostalgia. Jinusean is a duo hip-hop group that's under YG Entertainment and they did a song that brought it all back. Even the music video for the song went through music eras. This song actually was one I listened to while walking around New York on my birthday (solo not with anyone else) and I went to get bubble tea.
  9. Red Velvet - "Red Flavor"How can one not smile automatically when hearing this song? It has such a cute concept and the vocals are so beautiful. It's more of a summer song and because it's a summer song, I always associate with feel better songs.
  10. Super Junior D&E - "Can You Feel It?"Yes we are on the final song of the list, and I'm going to end it off with another one from Super Junior, but it's from the sub-unit that Donghae and Eunhyuk are in. This song was my ringtone for a whole year before I decided to change it to a BTS song. The song always made me dance and smile. It's so upbeat and the dance is so easy that you don't really have to think about it after learning it. You can just let yourself go and forget about all your worries in the world.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the list that I have compiled. As I mentioned before, this entire list was based on my own opinion and if these songs don't really lift up your spirits, I apologize. But in a way if you never heard of some of these songs, at least you now have some new recommendations for songs to listen to. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and until next time!

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