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Interview with Accent Sorrow

by Creativity Risk 7 months ago in alternative / electronica / indie / instruments / interview / pop culture / rap / song reviews / synth

Accent Sorrow is a musical artist out of London, Ontario, Canada

So, to begin with, I met the artist who would become Accent Sorrow about 5 or 6 years ago through one of my closest friends. I didn't have too many initial reactions of him, though I did know I wasn't a tremendous fan of his taste of music. Coincidentally, it was indirectly through this particular set of musical tastes that I came to determine that my thinking about music had ossified, and I'd reached the age where I thought the music "of my generation" was the best, and everything new sucked.

Like a bucket of cold water to the face, this thought process urged me to get back into checking out new music. Especially if it made me uncomfortable. It might be said that, however indirectly, Accent Sorrow inspired me not to block out the New, or stay comfortable within my well-worn musical styles and preferences.

Now with his own song freshly pressed and out on Spotify and Soundcloud, I've given it several listens and I'm impressed particularly with the quality of the sound design. It's not one of my favorite songs, but for a first song release I think it bodes well for future releases. So I sat down with Accent Sorrow to talk a little about his inspirations, and hopes for his budding career.

RISK: Firstly, thank you so much for doing this.

AS: Thank you!

RISK: Let's get into it. What are your influences?

AS: I have been really influenced by mid 2000’s post hardcore, as well as those 2000’s Crunk Myspace bands, such as The Ready Set. It’s terrible, and I like terrible.

RISK: Like bad movies. Is that where you look for inspiration?

AS: I generally like to put on a playlist of emotionally themed songs, play a game related to crafting or creativity, and just relax. The feeling of inspiration will come when you start singing along without realizing.

RISK: Describe an Accent Sorrow fan.

AS: I think an Accent Sorrow fan is the person sitting in the corner of the room, desperately watching how others interact because they don’t understand how to do it themselves. Anybody who expresses things in their own way and don’t conform to how people typically think of emotions being expressed.

RISK: That sounds familiar... What sort of gear are you using to record, and make music these days?

AS: When recording Set Me Aflame I actually had access to gorgeous vintage hardware, such as the U87, these days I’m using an Aston Origin and working mostly in the box, I actually don’t use expensive instruments, using a pretty midrange Epiphone SG Special, a wonderful guitar considering how easily and cheap they can be obtained.

RISK: I'm pretty sure Epiphone has it on their manufacturer's guarantee that if you're buying your first guitar it has to be an Epiphone. Is touring on the agenda?

AS : Honestly I’m not super outgoing. I think if people want to see me live, definitely, but If I am just making music in my bedroom forever, I’ll still be happy.

RISK : Where can fans reach you?

AS : Instagram is best! That’s where I’m usually most active, anyway. My Facebook account is also a reliable way of reaching me!

RISK : What’s Set me Aflame about?

AS : Set me Aflame Is mostly about the feeling. I spent a lot of time crafting the instrumental, really trying to keep it simple and effective. if I’m being honest it’s just a generic relationship song I think others will relate to more than I will, but take the lyrics and vocals away and the feeling still gets across.

RISK: Thank you so much for talking with me, and I'm interested to see what you do next!

You can check out Accent Sorrow's latest song here.

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