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I was mature for my age, but I was still a child-grouptherapy.

Album review

By Jay,when I writePublished 5 months ago 5 min read

WARNING: explicit songs (N words, S words, sexual references etc.) the talk about wanting to not exist/depression and whatnot

Note: these thoughts are from Sept/Oct. 2023. I‘m just now putting this on this platform.

So,I may be a tad late with listening to the full album titled I Was Mature For My Age, But I Was Still a Child by Grouptherapy. (Consisting of former child actors: Tyrel J. Williams aka TJO/TJ Online-while discussing music/in the group, Jadagrace, and Coy Stewart aka SWIM-when discussing music/in the group)

The full album released on June 27th, 2023, but I officially listened to the full album yesterday…but hear me out

Note: this writer likes to listen to full albums for the first time while running or cleaning, but mainly running

I loved Funkfest-the song that dropped before the rest of the album. And for me, if you’re gonna give a lil taste of your album, then I’m gonna listen to it till my ears start screaming ENOUGH, but I won’t touch the rest of the album immediately after its release due to

1. Listening to the song that gave us a feel of the album

2. Being tired of the voices even if I like them (that didn’t happen here)

3. I forget that this wasn’t just a standalone…because so much time is between the 1 song release and the full album

Anywho, yesterday I decided to look them up because I saw a snippet of their song TrunkToppers a few days ago and Tyler James Williams was speaking in it. Also, a bit before, I heard a snippet of another song (didn’t like it, so I swiped).

Let’s get into it by breaking down each song!

1/16: title: Track 1 (ft.Jadagrace, Swim & TJO)

This is

2/16: title: American Psycho

Note: if you’re not Black don’t say it, if you’re not in the groups that can reclaim the different words in here they say…yeaaaa

This song starts off slow with SWIM on this melodic sweet guitar/beat. I want to say that besides the chorus, this is my favorite part…actually, his part tops the chorus.

He gives a little more tough and rough in the voice as the song builds up to the chorus and by the time he’s at

Money Counter Traumatize Me

there’s 3 things going on:

1. His voice sounds both like he’s screaming and getting hyped

2. You notice the guitar has changed from this soft maybe acoustic sound to this rock hop electric thing making your head bob

3. Someone’s coming in right after his lines with


properly getting you more and more on edge. By the time the chorus comes in, you’re ready to bust out with moves that you do not have.

Though they’re all in on the chorus, you really hear the difference of Jadagrace as she extends the “o” in “psycho.” Love her voice being the main thing my ears focus on in the chorus.

Then TJO goes in more revved up than SWIM in the video and pulls out lines like

If you have an issue come flatten me, n-

Don’t battle me, n-, come splatter me n-

Don’t at me n-, come at me n-

Referring how people talk about him on social media, but don’t talk to him face to face. He mentions how people don’t like him (minus women kinda liking him because he’s gay) because of who he is (a gay Black man and former actor), and how he’d rather them do something ‘bout it than talk their talk.

Truly a fun song with hard lyrics.

Here’s a “oooooo that’s a barrrr” moment

women violate me ‘cause I dabble in the fa******

N****s violate me ‘cause I’m happy, shit’s a tragedy

Everybody mad at me, everybody mad at me

Lyrics: 3/5

This song covers 1/2 of the references to Anita Baker SWIM uses in this album ha.

Overall: 8/10 (I still don’t feel too good about the usage of that word, but I get that it plays into the title of the book/movie and comes together well) (also, I have no idea what they can and cannot claim. I personally can say every word in this song, so y’all be easy with trying to sing along).

*there’s also a politician/ drag queen line that gets me every time ‘cause we know who he’’s referring to and it’s hilarious and makes you mad thinking about him*

3/16:title:Smiles :)

Note:I would like to point out how each song it says “featuring Jadagrace, SWIM & TJO but it changes the order each song or for 2 there’s only 1-2 instead of 3, showing how much they’re in the song I suppose due to one not having Jadagrace at all).

Do not let the title fool you, this song is sad.

It beginas with a piano and them singin softly, “my smile is Cho-king me” once before letting the piano play alone and coming back in with that line.

My love for this song comes from the very beginning rap by SWIM (he’s great at setting the tone), allowing the lonely piano to be paired with the drums. Sounds poetic right off bat.

hard to swallow lyrics

Shit I never told you that I would rather be dead


You know everybody sins, I apologize

*This song in general has a few religious touches, sharing ever so slightly their upbringing and why it may be difficult for them to think and act a certain way today. *

He, SWIM, then says this three times

reach high young n**** better reach high

and sounding more desperate with each time he repeats it

tough lines emotionally and ”tuff” impactful

Dumbbells hang from the crease of my lips, ellipses

Hard to smile when your hearts denial, eclipses


…asking me whether I had the fix

I did, I just didn’t use it

Those lines were from TJ Online, and I absolutely love them. I love his way of saying things slowly and soft, then speeding it up without cutting off from the softness/sentimentality of the moment.

And there’s a truth in this idea that hit me. I have some resources I could use to help my mental state, but have I? No. And unfortunately, a lot of us battling go through things alone rather than doing other things. This song perfectly talks about hiding from others and just ”putting on a smile,” even though it hurts.

The ending lines repeated

These ain’t pearls in my choker these is teeth, my smile is choking me

forming into

bum bum bum

and a muffled voice + Jadagrace’s voice going

my smile

as if reciting a poem…

I’ll be honest with you and tell you this one made me emotional.

These next songs & points will be talked about in the upcoming days:


How I’m feeling




Club song- finally, a slow song. And Jadagrace is on the lead vocals




Trunk toppers has a mv and it features Tyler James Williams

Thank you for reading! Peace

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  • Novel Allen5 months ago

    Don't use a word if you don't want someone else to use it I always say. That is being a hypocrite. Interesting article

Jay,when I writeWritten by Jay,when I write

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