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How to make money as a musician 2023

Make money with your music!

By mike dacombePublished about a year ago 5 min read

It might be difficult to make a fortune as a musician. You most likely need to hold down a second job to maintain your music career unless you're among the fortunate few who have achieved major success. Don't give up, however! As a musician, there are several methods to earn money. We'll go through some of the top methods to monetise your music in this article. Read on to learn how to start earning additional money with your music!

1 Live performance

This strategy has the potential to be the most successful. This might be a terrific source of money for you if you are charismatic on stage and draw crowds to your performances. When playing live the venue will pay the performer a percentage or a flat fee.

2 Record sales

Today, selling music records is still a major source of revenue for musicians. CDs are no longer as common as they previously were, but the popularity of digital downloads and streaming services like Spotify is growing rapidly. Make sure your music is distributed across all platforms, and establish a fan base so you can give customers exclusive deals. Make sure the distributor you choose will at the very least distribute your music to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.

3 Music Licensing

Allowing other businesses to use your songs for their own projects, like TV programs or films, is a process known as music licensing. If you are able to reach deals with reputable businesses, this might be a fantastic source of passive revenue. Just be sure that both parties will benefit from the deal before signing any agreements!

4 Merchandise

One fantastic approach to generate income as a musician is to sell products connected with your song. Fans will have the chance to demonstrate their support for your music by purchasing t-shirts, caps and other goods branded with your logo. To add value and increase their appeal to purchasers, you may even produce limited-edition goods.

5 Online Coaching

You might provide online tutoring services to musicians if you have sufficient expertise in the music business. We advise registering with Sidetrain or starting your own podcast podcast.

6 Sell vinyl

Publishing your music on vinyl might be a terrific way to earn some extra cash since vinyl isn't dead. The younger generation is growing and more into vinyl records now, which may offer your music a certain tangible feel that digital formats just cannot.

7 Live Streams and Twitch

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular and may be a wonderful method for musicians to monetize their work. Musicians often ignore websites that let you broadcast musical performances, such as , Tick Tock, Twitch, YouTube Live, and Instagram.

8 Patreon

Excellent outlet for artists looking to monetize their music is Patreon. It enables artists to design subscriptions that provide followers exclusive access to material and goods in return for monthly payments. Without having to depend on record sales or streaming services, this might be a useful method of making money off of your music.

9 Make beats

If you have production talent, you may be able to earn money by making beats and distributing them to other musicians. Without relying on album sales or live performances, this might be a terrific way to earn additional money.

10 Get royalties

If you want to get public performance royalties anytime your music is aired on the radio, TV, or streaming services, be sure you register it with a performance rights organization. Over time, even little income might stack up and prove to be valuable.

11 Start your YouTube channel

One of the finest methods to market your music and earn money as a musician is to launch a YouTube channel if you already have a following. If you hit a particular level for subscribers, you may even monetise your clips with adverts.

12 Sponsorships

Another fantastic option for musicians to get money is via sponsorships. Contact businesses in your industry and invite them to support your music or stage shows. This may be a successful strategy to earn some additional money while advancing your business.

13 Write for music publications

Consider contributing to music magazines like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone if you have a talent for writing. These journals often pay for high-quality content and may provide you visibility that will help you spread the word about your music further.

14 Session work

Another excellent approach for musicians to earn money is to work as session musicians. Don't be hesitant to get in touch and ask about openings in your region, businesses are always searching for skilled musicians to record pieces or perform live concerts.

15 Create your own music platform

Consider building your own music platform if you don't want to depend on streaming services like Spotify or iTunes.  You'll be able to monetize your music as well as have much more control over how others listen to it. This platform may also be used to advertise other goods and services that are connected to your music.

16 Apply for music grants

Keep a look out for these prospects since there are various music scholarships and prizes available for artists. By submitting a project or award application, you may be able to get the funding you need to develop your musical career.

17 Create a course

Another excellent option for musicians to earn money is through developing courses. Musicians have the chance to develop courses that teach others how to play a musical instrument or compose music on websites like Udemy. This might be a fantastic opportunity to make some additional money while educating people about your profession.

18 Sell Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a fantastic marketplace for offering services like ghostwriting, music production, mixing, and mastering. These programs not only allow you the opportunity to earn some additional cash, but also to network with prospective customers all around the globe.

19 Write an E-book

Consider authoring an e-book on music if you have any relevant knowledge or experience. This may be a terrific method to make money off of your expertise and expand your musical audience. Don't be scared to give self-publishing a go since it's simple thanks to websites like Amazon!

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