How to achieve all the big success as a singer ?

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Do you have a voice that carries the potential to make you earn that name and fame in the singing world? Well, if you do, nothing can stop you from making it big in the music industry.

How to achieve all the big success as a singer ?

But wait, it's not that easy as it sounds like. Numerous singers around the world have tried for years before making it to the top of the success ladder. So, if you want to make it happen in your case as well, there is a lot of effort and dedication that you need to put in within the same regards.

Sayema Sahar, who has made her name as one of the most established singers of the current era, also talks about the significance of hard work and true grit to achieve that long-awaited success.

As per her, any good singer can achieve that success during his/her career journey by keeping these factors in mind.

1. Stay original

Currently, there are numerous singers out there in the music industry that have come this long after copying the style and voice and all the legendary singers from the past. While this could earn them short term success, it won't really help them in the long run.

Sayema Sahar abp says that if you are aiming big in your singing career, you have to find your own style and keep working on it. While singers do copy other singer’s style, they may last only for a while in the music industry.

On the other side, the one with the original voice and style are going to stay here for years. Hence, its always recommended sticking to your own unique talent and style to make your own space ion this ever-competitive music world.

2. Develop your voice

Besides getting the right talent and singing style, you also need to develop your voice with continuous practice and rehearsals. Moreover, you need to experiment and try random singing styles and music techniques in order to test yourself on various scales and pitches.

Sayema Sahar avinash says that this is the best way to develop your voice into a more polished version and you will now be able to sing in various styles and techniques without any issues.

3. Practice hard

As they say that only practice makes a man perfect, same goes true with singing as well. Now, while you have decided to practise, you also need to take care of a few things in the process. Find a practice spot with no disturbance at all. As with continuous disturbance and noise within your surroundings, you may not be able to focus on your singing and technique in a proper manner.

Also, while you are practising, you can incorporate various warm-up exercises that can help you to nourish your voice in an easy and convenient manner. Besides, you can practise with various instruments in order to measure your accuracy and rhythm on different tunes and strings.

4. Controlling your breath

Incorporating various breathing technique can bring up a lot of difference in your voice and singing eventually. As breathing plays a key role in the stretch and tempo of a song, you cannot make it happen without perfect breathing technique in place.

Hence, being an aspiring singer with a lot of dreams, you must always practice for controlling your breath during the practice sessions and rehearsals.

As per Sayema Sahar, a singer may need to sing in different languages and styles and the same styles will come along with different tones, tempo and pitch. Thus, being a singer, your voice must be flexible enough to adapt to all such requirements at any given day.


Singing is an art and just like any art, you may have to pay utmost attention to every small detail and element. Hence, if you really aspire to make it big in the singing world, techniques and tips mentioned above can really help you during your musical journey.

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