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"He he, this is music, yeah!"

by Agnes Laurens 6 months ago in humanity
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One of my Six-Words Memoires.

"He he, this is music, yeah!"
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OMG, I have found something incredible this week. As a poet, I love to play with words, the form of the poetry, plus the origin of the poetry. I love to put together the amount of syllables, the amount of words, all together with a theme, rhyme scheme etc...

Now, I found a website that allows you to play with words. Only you are allowed to use six words and no more or less. How can you say something in six words? 'That is for the word masters', I thought. I am wrong.

I am not a word master, but I love playing with words. And saying something wha it is on your mind with six words, is an incredible job to do. I love these kinds of challenges. - Agnes Laurens


"He he, this is music, yeah!"

This one above is one of the latest on my Six-Word Memoires.

What is music? Is music something you do as a hobby? Is it something you do to play an instrument? Do you only listen to music? What kind of music makes you happy? Is music everything what you love to do, that sounds like you are listening to music when you do it?

Music is everything to me - like writing is - as I play the violin everyday, for almost two or three hours per day. I want to go to the conservatory, and therefore I need to practice a lot to be better at it and master it. It is everything since I started playing the cello at the age of five or six, and at the age of seven I started to play the violin. And two years later, I started to play in an orchestra. I immediately had so much fun playing with other musicians. One year playing with them, we went on tour to Chech Replublic.

It was amazing, but I was scared too; I went aboad without my parents for the first time in my life.

It remains to be a big part of my life since now. I still play the violin in an incredible orchestra in the closest big city, called Utrecht, with lovely members.

I love to explain my emotions through the music I play. Each of these composers expressed themselves through their composing, and I love to pass them on, onto others. I want to inspire others through the music I play.

When I play the violin - making music - I try to feel the emotions these composers had when they composed their music. These composers felt something when they went through something, experienced death, walked through nature, or anything else.

I try to implement my feelings what their music is all about, plus I try to play what they felt, and give my feelings through music, at the same time.


Actually, I don't know. But I try to do my best having both feelings and emotions at the same time, feel them both and imagine all their feelings, emotions and sorrows.

Sometimes, I feel that all these emotions overwhelm me too much and then I get a burst of crying moment.

Every time I unpack my violin, I always think: "He he, this is music, yeah!" I love it too much.

It goes deep into my brain soul, and heart - like fluid things slide into my body. It feels like I am home, like cosy things with warm socks and tea and everything that reminds me of safety.

Playing, listening and dancing on music makes me the happiest person on earth that loves to do quierky on music. Jumping on the beat of a piece or song, and when there is Christmas, I love to turn on all the Christmas songs that exists, just to have that moment of myself you need as a human being.

What is your weirdest moment you have done when being busy with music? I played in amazing concert halls with The Youth Orchestra of The Netherlands. That was weird to me because most of the amateur players don't play in these amazing halls, and I got those chances, but at the same time, it was not so weird at all because I love music so much and I know I belong there.


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Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives with her daughters. Writing is, like playing the violin, her passion. She writes about anything that crosses her mind. Follow her on Medium.

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