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Groovin’ to the Music ep.14

a mysoundMusic series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

By mysoundMusicPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Music, an ever-evolving symphony of human expression, offers us a profound connection to our emotions, cultures, histories, and shared experiences. Countless individuals have moulded it, each contributing their unique sound, paving the way for new interpretations and genres. At mysoundMusic, we understand the transformative power of music and the magic of new talent ready to cast a spell on the world.

Our aim is more than just sharing playlists. We strive to provide a stage for the artists who have the melodies to inspire minds, the rhythms to stir souls, and the lyrics to tell stories. Established or just starting out, we believe their music should be heard by more than just the echo in their garages.

In tune with our mission, we are honoured to introduce our handpicked artists for this episode of featured favorites. We hope that you'll tune in, enjoy their music, and support them on their melodic journey.


  • Zoë Evans
  • super catchy dance pop vibe and melodies. Disco feel.

Zoë Evans was born in San Diego, CA. Soon after graduating high school, she attended the esteemed Berklee College of Music, where she studied songwriting and professional music.

Since then, she has performed at the House of Blues in Hollywood, Milk Bar in San Francisco and the Bowery Electric along with Rockwood Music Hall and other venues in NYC. She now lives in SF NM and just released her single For the Night in June of 2023.

  • open.playlist


  • Temple Drake
  • Country, Alt-Country, Rock

Temple Drake brings passionate songwriting to revamped genres. Their take on rock and country pays homage to its roots while creating a lane of their own. Rather than let genre define the music, Temple Drake songs are a thing of their own.

What Remains is the first single for Temple Drake’s debut album, Daisypusher. Rolling over a steady foundation of alt-country drums and bass, the slide guitar and vocals bring the song home. It’s something old, and something new, with lyrics that are timeless.

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  • Gala Maria
  • R&B, Dreampop, Jazz Fusion

Gala Maria is a Honduran-American artist based in Texas. Mardi Gras Beads is an R&B jazz fusion song that serves as an ode to New Orleans and a celebration of love.


  • Shanti Chapman
  • Contemporary Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop

Joy Comes In The Morning is a reminder of the majesty of God and that He is a promise keeper.

Shanti Chapman hopes the lyrics echo the eternal hope and joy God promises to every believer.


  • The Prison of My Mind
  • Metalcore, Nu-Metalcore, Post-Hardcore

The band, The Prison of My Mind, was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2022 vocalist and founder Peter Kolaiko moved to Serbia, where he continues his musical activities. The music combines different genres, a little bit of core music, a little bit of metal, a little bit of alternative rock and post-metal.

This World Will Burn was written and recorded in Serbia by Peter himself. In the song, Peter tried to convey all the pain and despair of the unhumanity of the world and what is happening around, it is a song about the dehumanization of society, zombie propaganda and war, which may end up in total destruction of everything.

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  • Blackheart Apparatus
  • Indie, Post-Rock, Alternative

Blackheart Apparatus is a one-man band specialising in electro-acoustic rock, based out of Madrid, Spain. As a creative outlet of a Russian-born composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and mixing/mastering engineer Mikhail Eremeev, this project is completely based on the artistic expression and the subsequent technical execution of the intention. The lyrics touch on depressive insecurities and existentialism.

Legacy is the final single for the album “Hopeful and Lost” (out 13th of July). It has more of an indie sound with some post-rock elements. The lyrics connect some political themes with the inner feelings of the narrator while expanding on the primary theme of the legacy we leave behind. It is definitely a downer.


  • Silly Rooster
  • Indie, Electronic, Op

Silly Rooster is a german based duo. They do a mixture of handplayed songwriter-music with electronic elements. They are seen as Indie-Pop band.


  • mat skalski
  • French pop. hip hop . indie

Mat Skalski is a French musician known for his soulful blend of rap and singing, infused with intricate instrumentals and intimate guitars. Vagabonding all around france since young , Skalski grew up with a passion for music, and started writing and performing at a young age.

His talent for combining different genres and creating his own unique style soon caught the attention of music lovers across the internet

Libres is a song about freedom – a fantasy about leaving the big city behind and embracing the beauty of the world. The French rapper has a unique international appeal, blending Afro-Caribbean-infused acoustic guitars with modern trap beats.

It is a deeply relatable message and you don’t need to understand French to feel the passion in Mat’s performance. The wise, spoken Spanish only adds to the intrigue of this mesmerizing track.


  • MJ Wemoto, Waithaka and Kaysha
  • Afro House, House, Latin

MJ Wemoto teamed up with Zouk Kizomba legend Kaysha and Kenyan R&B soul producer, Waithaka, to bring Arigato to life. Sometimes love is more expression than words… that’s where ‘Arigato’ takes it with a scintillating mix of cultures to create one of the most alluring Amapiano songs you’ll ever hear.

Arigato occupies the ‘Soulful Amapiano’ and house music lane.

  • open.playlist


Remember, every legend was once an unknown, and every global fan-base started with just one listener. Be that listener. Fill your world with music from the artists who dare to dream and live their passion!

At mysoundMusic, we'll keep an ear out for notes of brilliance. We’ll continue echoing the voice of the overlooked yet incredibly talented. Stay tuned for another delightful episode of new turns in the exciting journey of music evolution.


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