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Friday's Five at 5 | Volume Nine

Want a fun weekend? Listen to these five songs!

By Talya JacobsonPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
David Taylor for his track "Nervous" (Collage Art: Talya Jacobson)

Hey friends and music lovers! Welcome to Friday's Five at 5 Volume Nine! Wow, time goes quick.

Thank you to everyone who sent in music to be featured this week, this series IS all about what you guys enjoy.

If you would like to get involved by sending in artists you love or even be featured yourself, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter (links at the bottom of the story; read it first!)

Also—don't forget about Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist! It's so important that you guys have access to the music you read about on here, so here it is in one easy click!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Volume Nine of Friday's Five at 5.

1. "Nervous" | David Taylor

Sydney Artist David Taylor (Credit: David Taylor Music)

I had to include David Taylor in Friday's Five at 5 again, following a smashing sold out Sydney show last week. So this will be both about his song "Nervous," and a little mini concert review…!

In his first tour since the Little Thoughts Tour in 2016, David has not disappointed, selling out two of his shows of the Chapter Two Tour. It was wonderful to see that he was such a supporter of local music with the enchanting Kristina Reitsma as well as Friday's Five at 5's very own Ritzz opening the show.

On the most incredibly beautiful stage setup I've ever seen stood magical twinkling lights wrapped around the instruments as well as colourful lanterns that hung from the ceiling above. David was joined on stage by the multi-talented Cam Nacson alongside drummer Andrew Moseley, and let me tell you it was a show stopping trio.

Fans came from all over (even as far as Canberra!) and there wasn't one person in the room not singing along. Fan and friend Cassie loves supporting David and will continue to do so.

"David always puts on a good show, it has such a great vibe and always leaves you wanting more!"

Singing songs off his debut album Thoughts Then Reality as well as some unreleased tunes AND new tracks "Nervous" and "Battered," this show was no doubt a hit!

Okay—now to the song for this week. "Nervous" is a beautiful song about being in love and being scared to be yourself around someone in case you mess things up. The song was released in June this year and amazingly shot straight to #5 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

David made sure everyone got involved in the song as well, teaching everyone the first two lines of the chorus (even though mostly everyone knew it already) and the room transformed into a whole group choir; a wonderful end to the night before concluding with his newest release, "Battered" (see Volume Two of FF@5 for that one!).

All in all, David has come so far and with the two songs released this year, I am so excited to see what comes next. Another album perhaps? An EP? Either way, I'll be there for the journey.

Kudos to an amazing musician doing big things. You guys are definitely going to want to keep an eye on this one.

Check out David Taylor now!

2. "Decay" | Garden Gnomes

New Powerhouse Duo Garden Gnomes (Credit: Garden Gnomes Music)

For the second song this week, I've brought back two of my own personal favourite musicians of right now. Callum (AKA Ritzz) and Lily have been working together for so long releasing tracks such as "French Revolution", "Rose" and "Labyrinth," so the fact that they've decided to become a band is the best news ever.

With the duo debuting as Garden Gnomes, they have released their first track and it is a BOP. "Decay" is a cool experimental piece of electronic music magic with Lily's vocals taking charge before the chorus kicks in and makes you want to get up and dance.

The intro is super unique and fun, making the song identifiable to listeners in that they know what the song is before it even starts. The twinkly riff ties the song together and the lyrics are thoughtful and extremely catchy.

This is an awesome tune and best believe there are big things ahead for Garden Gnomes.

Check out Garden Gnomes now!

3. "i was all over her" | Salvia Palth

Young Artist Salvia Palth (Credit: Salvia Palth)

In a homage to Sylvia Plath as well as Waste Yrself's song "Salvia Palth," young artist Daniel Johann released his indie-rock album Melanchole and it very quickly became an internet hit. This gritty and intense album became a staple of the indie grunge scene and although Salvia Palth may be a retired project, the artist himself is still making music. And thank goodness for that, because it would be a shame if he wasn't.

The track "i was all over her" comes recommended by Friday's Five at 5 reader and super supporter Tobin who makes music of his own under the pseudonym gutzfvkk; so thanks to YOU for requesting some great tunes over the weeks!

Coming home after a long, hard day, you sink into the couch and turn this tune on. It is eerily mellow with the muffled vocals eating into your subconscious, transforming you to another world.

Now identifying as Adore 1996, Johann lives on with his music continuing to bless ears, minds and souls.

Check him out now!

4. "I'm Okay, Life Goes On, I Don't Mind" | Kelso

EP Cover Art of Kelso's Debut EP (Art by Cath Connell)

Following the release of "Oh God There Is So Much Love In Me," Kelso is back and better than ever. Previously consisting of Camp Cope's Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich, Japanese Wallpaper and Xavier Rubetzki from Self Talk, the dreamy indie-pop track skyrocketed Kelly's vocals right into the highest heights of the music world.

Now, Kelly is supported by Jivin' Josh, Nick Levy and Jo Née, and she has done it again with another banger of a track. "It's Okay, Life Goes On, I Don't Mind" is lyrically witty and features hazy guitar-pop sounds.

"The song is very sarcastic, very much about living in and then being away from Sydney," she said in a recent Pile Rats interview.

Hellmrich comes from power trio Camp Cope which consists of lead singer Georgia Maq and drummer Sarah Thompson. I love seeing female drummers and base players, and Kelly is top of the top. Seeing her step out into her own project is beyond awesome and her vocal ability is not one to doubt despite being the bassist.

Kelso's single was released just last week and her upcoming EP Always A Godmother, Never A God will be released on October 4 through Poison City Records. I have already pre-ordered my copy (you can do so HERE) and I look forward to the live shows that will come with its release!

Check out Kelso now!

5. "Reach Out" | New Town Kings

English Reggae Group New Town Kings (Credit: New Town Kings)

Now for something a little different for all you reggae lovers! Originating from Essex, England this eight-piece super group is bringing a modern twist to classic Jamaican music in their own brand of ska. Their latest album Reach Out brings chilled reggae music to your ears, perfect for the Summer.

The title track "Reach Out" encapsulates reggae beats, but in a funky way. The track is sure to get your head bopping up and down, even including a rap verse, something completely different in the reggae scene that will get you hooked.

The group is constantly playing shows across the UK, so catch them if you can! It's sure-fire to be a fun night out.

Thanks to Friday's Five at 5 reader Tom for the request!

Check out New Town Kings now!

That's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed this week's Friday's Five at 5! PLEASE read and share to your hearts content as it helps me a LOT, and more importantly LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS! 

Here they are:

1. "Nervous" by David Taylor | @davidtaylormusic

2. "Decay" by Garden Gnomes| @gardengnomesmusic

3. "i was all over her" by Salvia Palth|@adore1096

4. "I'm Okay, Life Goes On, I Don't Mind" by Kelso| @aeroplanekelly

5. "Reach Out" by New Town Kings| @newtownkings

Take a look, see who tickles your fancy and show your support for them. 

Remember to listen to all the songs featured on Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist!

See you next week!

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