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Friday's Five at 5 | Volume Eleven

The grooviest songs you'll hear this weekend.

By Talya JacobsonPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
UK Rock Band Black Peaks (Photo: Black Peaks / Collage Art: Alexander Robinson)

Hey friends and music lovers! Welcome to Friday's Five at 5 Volume Eleven!

Thank you to everyone who sent in music to be featured this week, this series IS all about what you guys enjoy.

Remember, you can still go into the draw to win an AWESOME Friday's Five at 5 prize pack! All you have to do is fill in a quick survey—link is at the bottom of the story; read it first!

If you would like to get involved by sending in artists you love or even be featured yourself, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Also, don't forget about Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist! It's so important that you guys have access to the music you read about on here, so here it is in one easy click!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Volume Eleven of Friday's Five at 5.

1. "How To Love A Girl" | Max Jackson

Newcastle-Based Singer-Songwriter Max Jackson (Photo: @girlinthebandana)

Max Jackson is taking the country-pop music world by storm, releasing two singles in the last month and truly setting her place in the industry, AND returning to Friday's Five at 5 for a second time!

A graduate of the prestigious Talent Development Project Program, she has been spending her time as a behind-the-scenes songwriter travelling between Australia, Nashville and Los Angeles, working with numerous talents on their projects and has now decided to tell her own stories.

"How To Love A Girl" should be compulsory for all lovers-of-girls to listen to; I mean if you follow the song you practically can't go wrong! Lyrics aside, it's pretty, poppy, and just as wonderful as her last song. The country-pop beats and guitar creates a catchy tune for you to hum along to all weekend.

Having worked towards the release of her first-ever album Life of the Party for the past 10 years, Max is getting ready for the big moment it finally debuts early next year. We at Friday's Five at 5 are especially looking forward to this!

Make sure you catch Max at shows across the country alongside the captivating Gina Jeffreys.

Check out Max Jackson's new hit "How To Love A Girl" below!

2. "Heart For Free" | Akala Newman

Sydney-Based Singer-Songwriter Akala Newman (Photo: Alaka Newman)

"I wrote this song a while ago when I needed to escape and I hope it gives you the same magical and malevolent joy I had when writing it."

That pretty much sums up this track. "Heart For Free" takes you to another world, as Akala's voice captivates you with her every breath, really allowing you to feel what she feels.

The lyrics "What do I do without you / How do you take my heart for free" really strike a chord with me, and I'm sure with anyone who has had their heart stolen away from them. That feeling when you fall for someone and your heart completely belongs to them, but you know deep down that they are no good for you.

This incredible Wiradjuri/Gadigal woman is no doubt talented at what she does. Get ready for another song due to be released in November.

Thank you for telling your story Akala! (BTW—One of the coolest names ever!) And cheers to Friday's Five at 5 reader Dan for the request!

Check out Akala's new track now!

3. "Breathe" | MAARI

Sydney-Based Alt-Pop Duo Maari (Photo: Maari Music / @vnrxo)

This alternative pop-soul-electronic duo truly are a mix of everything with their powerhouse choruses and groovy melodies creating dance-worthy ballads; if that's even possible!

Bronte Maree and Kabusii (Dominic Cabusi) have come together to create unapologetically raw and powerful tracks that draw comparisons to the likes of Alessia Cara, Flume and Zedd.

Earlier this year, the duo released "That Summer," which boasts over 50K listens on Spotify, and their latest release is an incredible follow-up song, really stepping up their game.

"Breathe" was released earlier this week and it encapsulates pretty much everything I've described the duo to be. It starts out calm and groovy with a little bit of a bop to it, and transforms into this magical electro wave of energy. Yeah, I really like these guys.

All I can say about these two is wow, wow, wow. Definitely worth a listen for your weekend grooves!

Thanks to Friday's Five at 5 star and formerly featured artist Alexandra Younes for the suggestion!

Check out Maari NOW!

4. "Blackout (The Comedown)" | Eluera

Central Coast Vocalist Eluera (Photo: @henthaihellflip)

This effortlessly cool low-fi pop superstar has released two powerhouse tracks, "HIM" and "Blackout," and they are both as groovy as each other.

Eluera has not only played a handful of intimate shows, but has also amazingly played as a support act in the 2018 Mountain Sounds Festival.

"Blackout" presents a flowy, sweet tune which transforms into a cool song you can really dance around to. The harmonies elicit magical tones alongside the boppy upbeat drum sound, creating depth to the song around Eluera's already magical vocals.

Imagine it's a Sunday morning, you're a little sleep—and let's face it, maybe a tad hungover—and you get up to make yourself some breakfast. This would be the song you put on. And then you'd go straight to her other release, "HIM," because it's a jam too.

This one is seriously worth checking out! Here's hoping we hear more from Eluera soon because I need a whole playlist of songs like these.

Check out Eluera below.

5. "King" | Black Peaks

Brighton Rock Band Black Peaks (Photo: Black Peaks)

Finally, something a little different to spice up the mix!

This awesomely powerful rock band from Brighton, England are kind of what a grimier Imagine Dragons would sound like.

Their second album All That Divides came out last year, showing the world of progressive rock just who Black Peaks are. The record, full of dark beauty and rage, let out a whirlwind of emotions with songs like "Slow Seas," which demands that everyone sticks together in the face of adversity and "start building bridges of hope."

Their latest track, "King," features soul-reaching drumbeats and dark, heavy guitar rhythms alongside powerhouse rock vocals. Just listening to the song I can already imagine what it would be like to be at a live show, and I want in!

Black Peaks are stopping over at Brighton Electric Studios this Sunday before heading across the UK and Europe on a massive headlining tour. Catch them if you can!

Thanks once again to Friday's Five at 5 reader Tom for a great recommendation!

Check out the official video for "King" below!

That's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed this week's Friday's Five at 5! PLEASE read and share to your hearts content as it helps me a LOT, and more importantly LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS!

A little reminder; I have some goodies to give away! All the art on my blogs are unique pieces of work and one lucky person will get a pack of their favourites, PLUS A CUSTOM PIECE!

Click here to enter!

Here are this week's five once again:

  1. "How To Love A Girl" by Max Jackson | @maxjacksonmusic
  2. "Heart For Free" by Akala Newman | @akala_newman
  3. "Breathe" by MAARI | @maarimusic
  4. "Blackout (The Comedown)" by Eluera| @elueramusic
  5. "King" by Black Peaks| @blackpeaks

Take a look, see who tickles your fancy and show your support for them. 

Remember to listen to all the songs featured on Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist!

See you next week!

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