For every one, who begins to play guitar...

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Everyone wishes to shred on guitar after watching Rock stars on the stage, but few ever really make it.

For every one, who begins to play guitar...
Just a nice picture from the net.

Have not you seen a someone singing amazing melodies along with some beautiful strumming on the guitar?

I have been playing guitar for quite a few years now, and I have heard people saying this "Hey, can you teach me how to play guitar?". Usually this is followed by very nice compliment. I feel quite good when I am able to make others feel that they should pick up the instrument and learn it.

I always enjoy to see any non-player trying to play the guitar. And one of the funniest thing is how they refer to the guitar 'pick'. Usually, they play some open strings, then they try to fret the strings, but the fail to fret properly. After this, they say "give me that 'chip' with which you play it". After fondling for sometime they realize, that they are not able to play melodies.

Some give up at this point, while others ask how to play melodies. Then, I teach them the 'happy birthday', which is a simple tune on first string, having frets 0-0-2-0-5-4... . Some learn this much and that is it, which is still better than just posing with a guitar just for likes.

And then, there are people who buy guitar and never bother to learn it. Their guitars rest in dust.

The good thing is, it is way more satisfying to achieve something that others don't. This motivates a few of them, and they take lessons. Even after taking lessons, some people give up, owing to the overwhelming complexity of the instrument. When they get to know that there are a more than 3 - 4 chords, they get lost. Some of those who learn these chords, find switching between the chords difficult. And every beginner hates the F major chord.

But those who master these, get enough momentum to move forward. This takes some time but results in development of a new motor skill. An ability to use two hands, doing different stuff, but at the same time. It is fun to not to consciously think what your hands are doing, as hands just start doing own their own, and you can focus on the vocal and singing melodies.

In an analogy, you know how to walk, but where to go?( hint: map)

While playing Guitar, everyone comes across dreaded Music theory. And I am at that stage. It gives some guidelines. Most people dread it. But after learning it we found why something sounds good or bad. After learning music theory, we can transfer to Music composing software (DAW).

Lastly, it comes to fun and satisfaction that you get after listening to your own created music. Music always tests the determination. Those who pass through and become stars and shine..

Sweed Music
Sweed Music
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