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Feeling misunderstood?

I have the Top 5 songs to help with that!

By it's just SPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 3 min read
-This is bonus for you guys. Thank you for reading and listening to my playlists.


I just couldn't get through that gut-wrenching pain in my stomach without these songs. That feeling of no matter what you do you will never fit in, or worst, your partner will never get you the way that they should. You may gaslight yourself and say that you may be overthinking, that you may be as crazy as they said you are. but I have proof that you are not. Here is the deal. If someone cares about you and I mean truly cares about you, they will put in the effort. There is no such thing as busy anymore. there is enough time. There are 24 hours in the day for them to do so, 24 hours to love and cherish you. " There are 24 hours in a day" and they chose to lie and gaslight you in those 24 hours.

24 - Lana del Ray


It's the feeling that you find yourself completely ran out and empty. It's a complete drought and you are responsible for it. You may ask yourself: for what, and who, was it worth it, what did they do with all that you gave? did they celebrate it and thank you, or did they just "tolerate it"?

tolerate it - Taylor Swift.


There are some interesting people in this world. I call them the emotional dealers. They will toy with your feelings, and this is how it works: they will keep you close enough to reach, and cuddle. At the same time, they will hold you far enough so that they can breathe properly without your "taxing existence" weighing on their lungs. In other words, talking and putting in actual work is too much for them, so they ignore the deep conversations. What they don't realize is that one glorious day, you won't come back wanting more. One day we will just simply get "bored."

Bored- Billie Eilish


Do you want to scream your insecurities through the words of someone else? This one might be what you like.

when you are trapped in such an unbalanced relationship those insecurities may become magnified leaving you frustrated. Next thing you know, you are apologizing FOR them.

Drew Barrymore - SZA


At one point in all dying relationships, you have to ask yourself: is losing them easier than lying to yourself? for how long can you lie? this very question can get you mad. probably at yourself. That's when you know you have reached your limit. This is the moment when you have to make life-changing decisions. But for now, if you want a song that you can scream and bash your head into the wall with (just kidding!) this is the one for you. It's about all the sacrifices and all the changes you made to fit and they still Thow you into the donation box.

Easier than laying - Halsey


I don't think any introductions are necessary for this song. I couldn't end the playlist without this song. The reason that I couldn't include it in the list was that some may say it's too much. They may even say it's a "Liability".

liability- Lorde

I would like to thank anyone who reads and listens to my suggestions. please remember that these descriptions are merely my own experience with these songs. Do not let my interpretations limit you to create your own. lastly, let the music wash over you and I hope you enjoy them. I will make sure to add the links to the Spotify playlist where you can add and edit the playlist to your own liking.

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Writing is a form of self-care for me. With that being said, I wish to create a pen that makes band aids. So, if you ever cut yourself on love, hate, or depression, just come here. let me lend you one. Hopefully, it will stop the bleeding.

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