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Explore the Range Of P Series Keyboard From Yamaha

P Series Keyboard

By yamahamusicstorePublished about a month ago 3 min read

Yamaha has been producing world-class acoustic pianos for more than a century, and the P Series delivers the dynamic, high-quality sound and realistic piano touch response that fans have come to expect from them. All of these Yamaha characteristics are condensed into a slim form, accompanied by a top-notch integrated stereo speaker system.


With its exclusive Stream Lights feature, the Yamaha P-S500 Digital keyboard is a smart piano that can indicate which keys to press. The P-S500 is fully compatible with the Smart Pianist app, which will help you advance in your musical endeavours.


The Yamaha P-225 is a stylish Electronic Keyboard with the action of a full-sized grand piano, and it has a small body with practical practice capabilities. In line with the LP-1/FC35 three-pedal unit that is optional. It is advised to attach the optional L-200 stand to the P-225 before connecting the FC35 pedal unit to it. The FC35 cable may be harmed by the pressure of connecting it to a P-225 that is set on a desk. As a result, we kindly request that you not use the FC35 when a P-225 is set up on a desk.


Beginner players will find the Yamaha P-145, an entry-level model in the P Series, to be excellent. This little digital piano is portable and has just the necessary sounds and features to provide the experience of a real performance.

The all-new P-145 has a lot shorter and slimmer body design than its predecessor, and it has a straightforward yet more contemporary and compact look. With the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing sensation as the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys found in earlier P Series models, our recently created GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key Keyboard Instrument is constructed to the highest standards.

This model is suggested for those who would like to start playing the piano but lack the space: - Novices who genuinely want to learn the instrument but are uncertain about which one to choose - Performers seeking a weighted keyboard that emulates an acoustic piano


The Yamaha P-125 is a little digital piano with amazing piano performance and a simple, easy-to-use design. With its ease of portability and accessibility, this instrument lets you enjoy the thrill of playing the piano on your own terms. The best-selling digital piano in the world just got better. With even more functions to support your musical development, the P-125 builds on the tremendous success of its predecessor. While keeping a sleek and small profile, it generates the dynamic, excellent sound and genuine piano touch response that one would expect from Yamaha pianos at a fabulous electronic Keyboard Price.


The P-121's understated design was developed with user accessibility in mind. Every component of the P-121 is made to be as approachable and user-friendly as possible, with the goal of assisting the player in maintaining concentration while playing. Together, the subtle speaker design and the continuous surface's little light reflection create an exquisite and refined finish. With its 73 keys, the Yamaha P-121 is a small digital piano that boasts a sleek look and superb piano performance.

Playing the piano on your terms is now possible with this instrument, which is very accessible and easily portable. Playing music in a cafe or any other location you choose is just one of the many amazing piano experiences the P-121 provides you thanks to its 73 keys and incredibly portable design.

It's easy and stylish to carry the P-121 around with a dedicated keyboard bag.

Your Personal Piano comes at a reasonable Yamaha Music Keyboard Price. It is advised to attach the optional L-121 stand to the P-121 before connecting the FC35 pedal unit to it. Pressing the FC35 cable will result in damage from connecting it to a P-121 that is positioned on a desk.


Savour the authentic piano sound wherever you are. It's easy to play this elegant and portable digital piano. A graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard is included with the P-45. The keyboard's feel gradually shifts with the register, becoming lighter when playing treble parts and heavier when playing bass. The piano also has a natural-feeling keyboard with matte-finished black keys that produce a realistic piano sound that is similar to that of an acoustic piano.

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