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Eminem 'The Marshall Mathers' LP

by Matthew Sullivan 4 years ago in album reviews


Opening Opinion, 9.75/10

Ah the legendary MMLP 1, also known as Eminem’s magnum opus. It is really really awesome, but its not really a flawless album. I actually didn’t hear this cd until 2002. My parents actually wouldn’t let me hear the whole thing. My Dad gave me a SSLP and MMLP approved songs cd which was the tracks deemed “not too explicit.” I can't blame my dad for doing that cause the early Eminem albums weren’t for kids.

The Intro, "PSA 2000," is stupid but hey it gets the ball rolling. “Kill You” is relentless and unforgiving. Em attacks the haters and women in general and specifically his mother. “Stan” is a classic song. The disgruntled fan writes to Em about how much of a fan he is. The chorus is perfect here. Dido did her thang. The last verse always gives me chills when Em realizes that Stan is already dead.

Next is a skit from Paul Rosenburg which is funny. “Who Knew” is another song that just bashes people, fans included. Em is really saying that he never thought he’d influence kids so much. The next skit is SOOOOO FUNNY! It's like damn Em is ruining Steve’s record label job lol. The result is one of Em’s darkest songs. “The Way I Am” is a classic song about frustration. It’s Em trying to cope with his star status and the inability to make another “My Name Is” type song. The lyrics are delivered with venom and precision that rivals any rapper. He’s also very upset here with the fact that people are blaming his music for atrocities.

Ironically, Em didn’t just make another fun uptempo song; “The Real Slimshady” destroys “My Name Is.” It’s got a perfect Dr. Dre beat, and really funny lyrics. This is without a doubt in my top 10 rap songs ever, yes top 10. In this song, Em reminds us all that he’s the real Slimshady, and pretenders be gone! “Remember Me” is another dark track, but it's more disturbing than aggressive. I still don’t know who the rappers are on the first 2 verses, but they do well.

“I’m Back” is another good song where Em shows lyrical prowess. “Marshall Mathers” is another good introspective song. The Ken skit is too damn funny. It's just GAY. I’m not going into the details of this track. “Drug Ballad” is one of the more light hearted songs. It's just like the “Cum On Everybody” song on SLLP, but it’s a little better.

“Amityville” starts with Em whispering “Kill Kim Kim.” Bizarre from D-12 joins Em, but he can’t rap. The song is pretty good however. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit join Em on “B*tch Please.” It’s a decent track that seems to play it safe. “Kim” is by far, the most disturbing song in Em’s catalogue. He just goes on and on about how he will do his ex wife in. It s the only skippable song on this great album. On the plus side the production is good.

“Under the Influence” features the whole D-12. Its really good. “Criminal” closes the album. It is similar to “Still Don’t Give a F***” on the first album. It's just a thrill ride where Em goes berserk and robs + kills some lady. It’s the best song on the 2nd part of the album.

In closing I think Em’s album is a classic. There are better albums sure, but for Em its him at his creative best and his sharpest (although MMLP2 is close). This album probably got a lot of people into rap that maybe didn’t like it before.

Closing Opinion: 9.9/10

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