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Dani Felt Consultants Keeps Their Clients Connected

NYC Music Consultant Bridges Gap Between Creativity and Business

By Rich MonettiPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Dani Felt Photo by Jacob Redziniak Makeup and Styling by Kiss and Makeup By Sam

As a musician, enlisting a music consultant to amplify your career can feel like beginning a relationship that proceeds from parallel universes and distances the artist’s passion from the pragmatics of achieving success. But Dani Felt believes her unique place as both a consultant and a musician helps bridge the gap.

“It helps them relate,” says the President of Dani Felt Consultants. “I’m a singer too, and I understand their pain.”

Both Sides of the Same Coin

Felt began singing at the age of five and writing music by 14. “I’ve put out a couple of songs, and right now, I’m working on an EP,” she says.

At the same time, Felt has long been in her right mind in the basic precepts of the business end. “I have a Bachelor’s in marketing and communication from the New England School of Communication,” says the Manhattan resident.

This enables her duality to feed into itself. “If I didn’t have the passion for being a singer, I wouldn’t have the passion for helping musicians,” she asserts.

Ups the Ante in Assistance

Felt had previously assisted artists under the banner/blog of Creative Artists for the past five years. “That was more focused on doing events and geared toward coaching,” said Felt.

In this venture, she keeps the artist from having to spin their wheels on all the potential needs they face. “My new company is more focused on one stop shopping for everything related to music,” she said. “So whether they need a professional bio, photoshoots, songwriters, or web designers, we have the vendors to do it.”

But finding and maintaining a stacked roster of providers is the easy part. “It’s more challenging to find the artists,” she reveals. “I want people who resonate with our brand and message of positivity and empowerment.”

At that point, the job requirements keep her centered as a music consultant. “I’m working with the service providers, and I’m working with the artists. But it’s like being the middle man - matching the right vendors to the appropriate artists,” she says.

Photo by Jacob Redziniak

A Sit Down Starts It

The engagement begins with a consultation to determine which services would most benefit the artist. Once established, Felt exudes confidence as matchmaker. “I’m a pretty intuitive person so I use my gut and intuition when I’m connecting with artists and vendors,” says Felt.

Either way, she doesn’t need a sixth sense to have confidence in the brand. “I feel my team as a whole is amazing,” she says. “They’re super talented and hungry to work with people.”

All that awaits is the introduction to put them on the path. “Off you go to embark on your creative project,” says the DFC website.

There won’t be a lot of lag time either. “Everything we do is fast,” she says. “We’re very good at what we do.”

But Networking Basics Never has her Settled

She also stays on the move, and her rolodex shows it. “I have a knack for meeting people, and between Facebook and LinkedIn, I have over 8000 people,” says Felt.

The excess, though, does present a challenge - even if it isn’t such a bad one for a music consulting firm to have. “One of the biggest challenges is selling somebody’s services, because we have multiple vendors in each field,” says Felt, who is currently producing a musical on mental illness awareness.

This has prompted her to hire a new sales rep to help sort the selections out. So obviously people take precedence, and one of her earliest clients can attest.

“Dani has incredible energy, tremendous connections in the music world, and a positive spirit that is incomparable. She is a preeminent connector. She knows everyone and loves putting us in touch with each other. And she has solid, extremely helpful advice that I would not have thought of, but that made sense as soon as I heard it from her. I am deeply grateful for her help,” states Doug Skyes on behalf of his daughter Laice.

Felt encapsulates the sentiment in short and that has her in for the long haul. “It’s all about making their life simpler,” she concludes.

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