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Colors Of Rhythm

Music Transcends Beyond Hearing

Colors Of Rhythm
Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

A gray sky, gray ground, gray city with gray people. No smiles, no sound. When the young girl took out the headphones from her backpack and put them on, she could feel her heartbeat for the first time in years. She hit play on her favorite audio library playlist, and let the beat take her away. Sound for her was - no longer in her grasp. But the rhythm and memory didn’t need her too. The treble and bass massaged her ears and the bliss moved through her body perfectly synced with it. A cool rush followed and her smile grew. That to occasional laughter.

Like a flower blooming its radiance, the colors bloomed from her. Her face to her long blue and violet hair. White headphones, yellow vest , blue and black shirts and pants. Each step she made was a splash of color, like splashing through puddles in the rain. The people who were looking down or away at first, transfixed in their own minds, took notice to her joyous prancing around.

She briefly stopped, seeing so many along the sidewalks, inside buildings and cars stopped to look at her - vivid and wild sparks of colors. She was now tense, even intimidated at first. Some looked out of curiosity, some jealousy, others were judging her. Hesitating to turn off the music at first she didn't, seeing her own color now, her own beauty. There was no going back. Instead, she lowered her headphones. Turning on a travel speaker that she could clip to one of the straps.

It continued now for everyone to enjoy. Bobbing her head, tapping her feet she spun around gesturing others to join her. The colors around her feet practically danced in harmony. A much older person in the crowd started to clap their hands to the rhythm he saw her do. The rhythm he wanted to hear. The colors came to life from his hands, spreading all over him. His ears never heard something so beautiful before. She reached over and grabbed him to dance with her. Nervously he nodded his head, tapped his feet. Closing his eyes, the rhythm took over and he danced too.

A young girl then felt a tickle in her throat, she instinctively began to hum along to even singing next. It was so infectious, so many joined in with many smiles and a frenzy of dancing. People forgot their stress, their pain, and danced to the rhythm. They moved through the crowds, others all around spread the music and colors. This woman hasn't heard a sound in years, but that will never stop her again from allowing the rhythm in.

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Nick Luck
Nick Luck
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