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Can MC Eiht and DJ Quik End Blood and Crip Gang Violence?

by Skyler Saunders 2 months ago in rap
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The two hip hop artists ended their feud. Can they do more?

Can MC Eiht and DJ Quik End Blood and Crip Gang Violence?
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Beef on record is best served with the notion that both sides can enjoy the meal of witty sayings and walk away with their lives. In the Blood and Crip saturated streets of Compton, California, MC Eiht talked about DJ Quik and explored the “misunderstanding” with gentlemanly appeal.

The tiff started with a total mix up in the audience thinking that Eiht’s line, “‘Biting me quick, would mean you get my d— sucked quick.’” People took this to mean that he was disregarding Quik when in reality, he didn’t, according to him, know who Quik was at the point of penning that line.

Over the decades, the ideal of gangs continued to grow in the Compton streets. But if these two men can settle their differences peaceably, why can’t young men and women recognize that gangs are destructive. That they represent death and that the art that is expressed only serves as a soundtrack to brawls, guns firing, and the background music to funerals.

Eight, a Crip, and Quik, a Blood, only intensified their beef with the presence of Suge Knight. Eiht encountered Knight when he had walked from his mother’s house which was nearby to Knight’s house, too.

Knight, a Blood as well, just informed Eiht that nothing would go down in way of violence against his mother’s residence. When Suge asked him why Eiht and Quik’s feud spilled off of wax (inadvertently no less) he said it was over neighborhoods.

Now, therein lies the rub. How are individuals so tied to collectivism as to align themselves with vicious street gangs? It is important to remember that the irrationalism involved with gangs is something that has been going down with various tribes for millenia.

That the freest nation (although severely mixed) has become the battleground for these two famous gangs is telling. It shows that mainly young people will attach themselves to anything and everything that will bring them a connection, that will bring them some sort of solace. Ironically, this peace of mind is often met with bloody violence.

In the streets, Eiht and Quik have been able to squash their feud with diplomatic means. This ought to be another goal for Crips and Bloods. They already respect and admire each other for the most part.

The late Nipsey Hu$$le was a devout Crip and he still garnered respect from Blood the Game. Multiple stories abound in which Bloods and Crips have come together to function in their neighborhoods.

MC Eiht and DJ Quik represent but a small factor in the overall idea of gangland activities in Compton, in America, and the world. Yet if they can dead their beef and not swallow their pride but embrace their egos, it gives help to others caught up in the struggle.

Eiht and Quik could be the ambassadors for ending the deadly trail of bodies both within the gang life and outside of it who have fallen victim over the years. It’s something that should be declared from city to city, ghetto to ghetto, suburb to suburb that gangs must be silenced before another life is stolen.

In their completely unfounded feud, Eight and Quik still took the time to project themselves as men and understand each other on a deeper level. With each of their efforts to make music and not have to worry about gang violence, they each should go on national and international tours espousing the ability for youths to choose outside the gang path.

When these men can look each other in the eye and state that there’s no more beef, that is the point at which there would be a groundswell in rational activity and individualism.


About the author

Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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