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Bow Down, Dani Felt's Queen Empowers the Way for any King

by Rich Monetti 4 months ago in song reviews

New Single Will Haunt Your Dreams

Bow Down, Dani Felt's Queen Empowers the Way for any King
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A woman that worships the ground that a man walks on doesn't sound so bad as things go. "I am your Queen," begins Dani Felt's new single and female subservience could be her call. But the musical interlude definitely gives pause and time enough for Felt's yearning hum to signal a lyrical change of direction. One cue, a more autonomous footing amounts to the type of devotion that a king should seek, according to the estimation of Queen.

I`m not like the others/I don't get on my knees/To beg for your love/I do what I please.

The Christina Aguilera type rasp of her voice helps drive home the point, and if there's any doubt, the Manhattan resident quickly doubles down on the sentiment.

Whatever I want/Whatever I say/Whatever I want/Whatever I say.

Oh my, there's no instrumental pop or perkiness to water down the Queen's message either. Instead a haunting melody returns the feel of an open ended journey, and Felt's accompanying "awws" sow plenty of doubt in what's normally taken for granted. At the same time, an obsessive and elevating drum beat puts the melody firmly in the background to similar affect.

Dani Felt has long marched to the music in the industry, though. She began singing at the age of five and started writing songs when she was 14 years old. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communication from the New England School of Communication has also helped her cover the business end of her life.

Of course, Felt knows the dollars and cents don't always come as easily to artists. So she doesn't keep what she knows to herself. Felt has worked on behalf of musicians as a consultant for about a decade, and the professional duality provides a drive that gives her services a leg up. “If I didn’t have a strong passion for being a singer, I wouldn’t have the passion for helping other musicians,” she asserts.

But the business side also acted as a teacher for Felt and had her come to realize there weren’t enough heart centered coaches or consultants in the industry. So Felt’s Music Industry Mastery self describes as a singer songwriter turned Artist Empowerment Coach. “Dani offers a customized artist experience, merging musician coaching with creative consulting,” asserts her Music Industry Mastery website.

Her assistance for other in place, the single isn't any less shy as it takes off from there.

Shut up and kiss me/Give me your heart /Now let me break it 2 million parts/Shut up and kiss me/I'll haunt your dreams/Bow down to me like I am your queen.

Probably not a question, the Queen is ready to hold court and leave no room for doubt.

Lock you in the bedroom/Throw away the key/Our kiss will last forever/There`s no escaping me.

Double the chorus, she breaks you in two million more parts and reiterates that the Queen is solidifying her preeminence.

I am slowly taking over you/And there`s nothing nothing you can do/ I am slowly taking over you/And there`s nothing nothing you can do

Yes, Whatever you want/whatever you say/Kiss me/Give me your heart - your bow and subservience is now a certainty.

Not to worry, this enlightened Queen empowered, the way forward is now clear, and the true sovereign's ending hush is meant to soothe the uncharted waters.

I am your queen/shhhhhhhhh...

All hands on deck, Dani Felt's Queen definitely has me and will probably do the same for you.

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